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Vodafone brings back the ZooZoos to celebrate a decade of IPL

The spots featuring Zumies or the mini ZooZoo armies will be digital first and will go live from the first week of IPL

Come April 5 and the country will not only welcome its favourite sports league but also one of the most loved brand endorsers India has seen. Yes, we are talking about the adorable white-clad, aliens who made their debut during the second season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2009.

IPL is celebrating a decade of entertaining cricket fans in the country and Vodafone, which has been associated with IPL right from the very first season, is adding to the celebration by bringing back the ZooZoos or Zumies (mini ZooZoo armies).

“The spots featuring Zumies or the mini ZooZoo armies are being created on digital first. You will see these spots on digital from the first week of IPL. Then we will see what the opportunities are of bringing them to TV as well. But one of the things that we will definitely do is at special points in time across April and May we will bring them on to television as well. So, they might not run as a conventional campaign,” said Siddharth Banerjee, EVP – Marketing, Vodafone India.

The introduction of Zumies this season is also an extension of the SuperCheer initiative that the brand undertook last year. The success of ‘Hakke Bakke’ in IPL 2016 led to the brand taking SuperCheer a step forward and this year Zumies will enhance the spirit of IPL with the little characters displaying their own signature steps.

Commenting on why they have brought ZooZoos back this season, Banerjee said, “Ten years of IPL! ZooZoos were born during IPL season 2 and we wanted to celebrate ten years of our association with IPL. We are perhaps the only brand that has been with IPL for such a long time and we wanted to make it a little special and that is why the thought of bringing the mini ZooZoo armies back.”

The brand is also going big with their Vodafone SuperFan initiative. Calling it Vodafone SuperFan Ki SuperWish, the property that gives Vodafone customers an opportunity to not only attend IPL and receive VIP treatment but also get a signed ball from the winning captain of every match, will now open the doors for the SuperFan to win some additional experiences like dining with their favourite cricketer, getting a session in net practice, the chance to take a selfie with the IPL trophy or featuring in extra innings on Sony.

Vodafone SuperFans will also be able to experience the unique feel of cheering for their favourite team from the Front Row of the stadium, even if he/she is not actually in the stadium, but is watching the match from a Vodafone store, anywhere in the country. Vodafone has conceptualized this initiative thanks to the immense possibilities of their Data Strong Network.

Banerjee feels continuity, iconic properties and great return on investment are the three reasons that the association between and IPL and Vodafone has been such a success.

“I think the association between IPL and Vodafone has been a success for three reasons. Continuity, iconic properties and great return on investment. I like to believe that great partnerships and associations are born when you invest over a certain number of years; they are not born out of one or two years of association. We have been consistent in our association and because of that consistency we have been able to invest in some great ideas which have gone on to become iconic properties, be it the ZooZoos or the SuperFan. While you can see that we are bringing the Zoozoos back, we are increasing our ambition and scale of the SuperFan idea which why it is being called SuperFan ki SuperWish. The third bit is that because we have a joined-up 360 degree experience, which is on-ground as well as on-air, we are therefore able to extract the maximum leverage out of this association, and therefore our return on investment every year has been pretty good in terms of reach, visibility, share of voice, brand consideration. All of this gets very positive outcomes for us from IPL. So, I think Vodafone has added magic to ten years of IPL and we believe that we have gained out of this association as well,” said Banerjee.


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