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Kingston scripts a new path in memory products advertising

The memory products brand has launched a campaign to promote password protected USB drives. The campaign is conceptualised by Six Inches Communications. Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology, talk about the strategy

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Kingston Technology Corporation has launched a campaign for its latest creation, password-protected memory products. The #kingstonkasecureUSB campaign is conceptualised by Six Inches Communications and is an amalgamation of three movies that have been launched on Facebook.
Generally, information and technology peripherals category ads are very product based. Most of the ads talk about product benefits. But these three films are reminiscent of the drama, thrill and humour that Bollywood provides audiences, therefore engaging future consumers on a personal level by emphasising the importance of securing personal data.

Talking about the strategy here, Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director Kingston Technology, said, “We wanted to generate curiosity with a narrative and integrate our product in the narrative. Product benefits would be targeted to the interested audience later. This is our first trial on the creative side of storytelling and we will measure results.”

Pravin Shah, Chief Creative Officer, Six Inches, said, “The difficulty is the mindset on the brand side. Most clients are looking for campaigns like packaging opening, product highlight campaigns. Clients think that these are the kind of videos that will fetch eyeballs. But I say that those kinds of videos don’t reach the intended audience. Only when you have bought a product, you would want to know how to open and use the product. That is one of the reason we pitched to the client that we need to move a step ahead and be a little more brave. Also, to reach the general public, we should be a little more creative and do a campaign that is shareable and increases word of mouth.”

Not many brands have actually advertised in this category much, especially when we talk about brand films. In 2008, the company launched its first television commercial in India.

In fact, Kingston was the first brand to advertise in this category in India.


Parekh said, “A general belief that product is the hero has been taken forward for years. There are successful brands built on such a premise. Apple is a classic case of product-based advertising, but if you see the trend even Apple has been showing the creative side of the application such as showing photos from users of Apple phone and in such campaigns the phone is not shown also. We need to appreciate the new audience of today who is smart enough to understand what a product is. And to capture this smart audience emotive storytelling works well.”

While password secure memory storing devices have existed before, the main users were business professionals and corporates. With this movie campaign, Kingston wants to spread the message that this product can also be used by the general public and anybody who prefers keeping their data private and secure. To create the idea that this product is attainable and very user friendly, Six Inch Communications chose Facebook that can reach out to mass audiences instantly.

The campaign has been launched on Facebook on three consecutive days using three ad films which are humorous in nature. The movies; Thakur directed by Ganesh Shetty, Teja and Bheja (The Scientist) directed by Barun Kashyap and Mrs Arora directed by Nishank Verma were all done by ClickonRM production house.

On the reason for launching the campaign only on digital, Parekh explained, “Our audience is digital and we want to be where our audience is. Our spends are narrowed towards digital marketing and videos are one key aspect of engaging the audience. We are not looking at TV as of now; we believe a mobile phone is the new TV.”

Generally commenting on advertising in the IT peripheral space, Parekh said, “There is tremendous opportunity in IT peripheral space. And the consumer journey is divided into interest, learning, review and buying. One has to understand that engaging the audience through memorable communication and driving interest should be the first step unlike directly educating them.”

“While the current trend of brand mentions and recall with emotive videos doing well for brands, it comes with its own challenges of viewers not going beyond eight seconds; in 2015 it was 12 seconds. So there is a drop in the attention span by four seconds. But at the core we all love stories and would be keen to absorb a story if narrated well and moreover if started well. Our three films engage the audience well and each one has a dramatic end. We are sure that these will help increased word of mouth for the brand. Like this, we have generated interest and can talk about the product benefits later,” said Shah.
When asked about the brand’s position in the market, Parekh answered, “Though we do not give these details, we can proudly state that Kingston is a major player in the secure USB category globally. We command majority share in terms of both, mind share and market share.”

Shah also told that it was not very easy for Parekh to convince the global team at Kingston for a localised ad for India because “they generally like campaigns which are product oriented”.

Talking about the brief to the agency, Parekh said, “My brief to Six Inches was to create an interesting communication for our target group to understand secured drives better. While other media vehicles do reach the audience, videos give us the power of storytelling and capturing more eyeballs. I am glad these ideas were perfectly executed and received a super response. All the 3 films have a different flavour and deliver on our objective.”

The first film, Thakur, takes place in Rajasthan and is about the highly trusted and kind hearted head of a village. Will he set himself free and ruin the future of the village by giving into the demands of the bad man or will he come up with something even the villain’s laptop cannot crack? The second film, Mrs Arora, is about a young, attractive and wealthy woman whose greed knows no bounds. Her marriage to a rich man was driven by boundless greed. Much to her dismay, her marriage ends in ‘kadak’ security. The third film, Teja and Bheja (The Scientist), is about Teja who is a scientist himself  and  his secret – kadak security – saved his formulas from getting stolen by his evil twin Bheja.

When asked if the brand would also choose video format of advertising going forward, Parekh said, “As a matter of fact we do advertise about our products and solutions in different ways. Based on our TG, we adapt our media campaigns to get maximum reach.”

The TVCs:

The Thakur Video –


The Scientist Video –

The Arora Video –


Creative agency: Six Inches Communication

Chief Creative Officer: Pravin Shah

Creative Writer: Jaivardhan Chaudhary

Art Director: Nikhil Bobhate

Social Manager: Zubi Ansari

Directors: Ganesh Shetty, Barun Kashyap, Nishank Verma

Production House: ClickonRM


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