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&TV’s Agnifera is a story of two brides

Agnifera has brought together actors Ankit Gera, Yukti Kapoor and Simran Kaur in lead roles

March 21, 2017


&TV has brought the story of two Dabangg Dulhans -- Shrishti and Ragini -- with its latest fiction show Agnifera. Set against the backdrop of Bihar, the show is a family drama of two unconventional brides and one helpless groom entangled in an unusual dilemma. Starting March 20, Monday-Friday at 8.00 pm, Agnifera features actors Ankit Gera, Yukti Kapoor and Simran Kaur in lead roles.

Produced by Roshan Lal and Ravi Raj Creations, the show highlights the lives of Anurag Singh (Ankit Gera), Ragini Singh (Yukti Kapoor) and Shristi Singh (Simran Kaur) as their paths cross in an unusual manner. Anurag, a highly qualified MBA graduate from London, is the most eligible bachelor in town caught in the cross fire of two marriage proposals. His bridal candidates are the Dabangg Dulhans – the daring Ragini who is known for her bandook ki goli and the virtuous Shristi who swears by kanoon ki boli. Both, courageous, brave, and strong-headed, wish to become Anurag’s wife but who will end up as his bride?

Gera said, “The concept of Agnifera is unusual, and different from what we have seen on television so far. It’s an offbeat family drama where I play Anurag, an NRI who is extremely pampered by his family. He is stubborn by nature and used to having his own way in most situations. The show follows his plight of choosing the right bride for the sake of his family. I am confident the viewers will like me in my latest avatar.”

Kapoor who plays Ragini said, “I have always played shy and girl-next-door characters till now but Ragini is a complete make-over from all those roles. She is a firebrand who has her own way of getting out of situations, sometimes which involves using guns. She is rough and tough by nature but has her own quirks, which make her lovable.”

Speaking about her character of Srishti, Kaur said, “Agnifera is my debut show and I am really excited to play a strong character like Shristi’s. She is the perfect combination of traditional values and ethics who uses her education to ensure justice for everyone around. Since she is a lawyer, she goes by the rule. In many ways I identify with my character and I hope I am able to do complete justice to it.”

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