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Rentomojo launches #smartownership campaign, says renting online is a cool option

The campaign conceptualised by Dentsu Webchutney consists of three ad films of which two have already been launched

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | February 2, 2017

smartownership Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Launched in the year 2014 by Geetansh Bamania and Ajay Nain, Rentomojo is a subscription rental platform that allows people to rent furniture, appliances and now even bikes. The platform that intends to rid people of the hassles of owning has come out with a new campaign called #smartownership.

Conceptualised by Dentsu Webchutney, the campaign has three films of which two have already been launched.

Speaking about the target audience, Tina Datta Nayak, VP, Marketing, Rentomojo, said, “Our target group is young millennials in the age group of 22-30. They are very ambitious who city-hop or place-hop from time to time for better career opportunities. They don’t feel the need to be committed to a place and at the same time are looking for better living standards and experiences. These are people who don’t like to compromise on the way they are living life, then it is a matter of figuring out how they can get all that they want at a fraction of the cost and that is where we come in.”

“There are three Cs that we work by and they are commitment, convenience and cost-effective. Each of the three commercials tries to communicate each of these values, respectively,” she added.

Geetansh Bamania Geetansh Bamania

Elaborating on the three Cs and commenting on their ad communication, Geetansh Bamania, CEO and Founder, Rentomojo, said, “All our campaigns sport quirky visuals in order to attract consumers and educate them about the benefits of having an access lifestyle. The present digital campaign, ‘Smartly Own’, aims to connect and create awareness about our three pillars -- cost-effective, convenience and commitment free for a stellar experience. We hope that through this campaign we have successfully reached out to all of these consumers and helped them actively with their lifestyle choices.”

The first ad film to come out deals with the first C, commitment, and is about a guy who is in a tattoo parlour getting a girl’s named inked on his arm. That is when he receives a call from the girl who breaks up with him over the phone, jeopardising his tattoo plans. But just moments later he gets a call from another girl who puts his tattoo plan back on track. The video ends with the message ‘Be committed to change’.

The second film deals with budget troubles and Indians and their habit of doing ‘jugad’. The film starts with three friends who are very engrossed in a cricket match. Towards the end we realise that these people are watching the match on a mobile phone by stacking books high and placing the phone on the stack. The film urges the viewers to forge their ‘jugad’ ways and become ‘smart owners’.

Gautam Reghunath Gautam Reghunath

Commenting on the insight and execution of the campaign, Gautam Reghunath, SVP and Branch Head, Dentsu Webchutney, Bangalore, said, “RentoMojo understands the millennial generation and their evolving idea of ownership very well. Their business success is testament to the fact that there is a certain level of commitment-phobia in consumer purchase behaviour today. One where permanence is overrated. The campaign is aimed at capturing this among certain other brand and category insights through three very simple films. Here, Rentomojo encourages the millennial consumer to be unabashedly committed to change while the brand offers smart, convenient and affordable solutions to support their lifestyle choices.”

Renting doesn’t come easily to Indians, especially if it is to be done online. Owning things has more prestige and pride attached to it. How does Rentomojo intend to tackle this mindset and what are the challenges of marketing in a category like this?

“One of the biggest challenges is the mindset. Renting is seen as a short-term practice. Like for example if someone is travelling or on a weekend road trip and would like a bike, that is when they look at renting. Nobody thinks about renting as a behaviour or a habit. That is the reason we moved from just renting to rental subscription so that people can pay a monthly fee and stop when they don’t need the services anymore,” said Nayak.

“Similarly when people are moving to a new city they only think of buying or hand-me downs, nobody thinks of renting and that is another challenge we face -- of how to tell people that renting is also an option and probably a better option. What we have seen is from the time that a user decides to rent and actually rents can take anywhere between two to three weeks and this time is very critical for us. So we have sort of drafted a framework of the marketing funnel that the user goes down. Awareness, consideration, acquisition, revenue and referral are the different stages of the marketing funnel. Once the users move down and become a paid costumer and they have a good experience, they go and talk about us to others and there is a lot of value that comes from that.”

On how they intend to take on the stigma attached to renting, Nayak said, “Initially we did see some apprehension about renting but that is why we have included the word ‘smart’ in our baseline because it is indeed the smarter way of thinking. Once you show them the numbers and the merits of renting, it is a no-brainer and the way we have been growing shows that it is the more logical choice to go by. Also, the digital savvy users are very smart. They do their own research before taking decisions and as marketers it becomes very important for us to be present during those stages and tell them that renting is actually cool. There is a long way to go but we are seeing that the adoption rates go up.”

Nayak feels that Furlenco is their closest competition but according to her, the major part of the pie is still dominated by Rentomojo.

When it comes to furniture, it is a very unorganised sector. The carpenter down the lane is still majorly the go to guy for most when it comes to furniture. How do they intend to tackle that challenge?

“If you just go by the price and the convenience aspect, online makes much more sense now. Now with the Urban Ladders of the world, who have put in a lot of time, money in building the market and saying that it is okay to look at purchasing heavy assets online, it has made it easier for us in the sense that people now think that if buying online is possible then renting too is possible.”

The TVCs:




Client: Rentomojo

Agency: Dentsu Webchutney Pvt. Ltd.

CD Copy: P G Aditiya

CD Art: Ashwin Palkar

Copywriter: Pooja Manek

Films Head: Varun Anchan

Business Team: Prashant Gopalakrishnan, Ranajit Gopinath

Account planning Team: Sanjay Pratyush, Siddharth Sikchi

Production house: Veda Productions

Music: Veda productions

Rentomojo brand team: Tulika Shukla, Tina Datta Nayak


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