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Sensodyne Whitening Toothpaste to also help fight sensitivity

The TVCs conceptualised by Grey group India uses consumer testimonials for advertising Sensodyne’s new product

Sensodyne Whitening Toothpaste to also help fight sensitivity

The TVCs conceptualised by Grey group India uses consumer testimonials for advertising Sensodyne’s new product

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | July 1, 2016

Sensodyne Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Working on the idea that those who have sensitive teeth have to compromise and choose between either whitening toothpaste or toothpaste for sensitive teeth, GSK launched the Sensodyne Whitening Toothpaste to give consumers the best of both the worlds.

Their new TVC by Grey group India puts forward this message by consumer testimonials. Shot in London in three different languages, each TVC features a customer and an account of their experience with the brand. This is the first time that Sensodyne is using consumer testimonials for TV advertising in India.

Anurita Chopra Anurita Chopra

Speaking about the product, Anurita Chopra, Area Marketing Director, ISC Oral Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare said, “GSK Consumer Healthcare has always endeavoured to develop new products catering to the constantly changing needs of its consumers. A lot of sensitivity sufferers cope with sensitive teeth because they believe their regular toothpaste gives them more benefits like whitening. Sensodyne Whitening toothpaste will benefit sensitive teeth and help bring back the natural whiteness of teeth on daily usage.”

Samir Datar Samir Datar

On the decision to show real customers and their experiences in the commercials, Samir Datar, Vice President and Office Head, Grey group India said, “The category communication codes for a whitening oral care product have always been about vanity and taking up the glamour quotient. For us, it was important to keep the Sensodyne brand character of authenticity and trust in mind, and hence showcase work that spoke of an intrinsic motivation like inner happiness and self-confidence. To drive home this point better, we used real consumer testimonials for the first time for Sensodyne in India.”

“The major unlock for us was to recognise the need for multiple benefits in today’s demanding consumer, and the delivery of the brand and the product on the same. Our task thus was to communicate the dual promise of new Sensodyne Whitening and showing how one doesn’t have to compromise one oral care need over the other,” said Bikram Bindra, Vice President and Strategic Planning Head, Grey group Delhi.

The English TVC starts with a business analyst from London talking about how she had to avoid ice-cream because of sharp sensation in her teeth. She explains how she had to compromise on whiter teeth to take care of the sharp sensation in her teeth. But with Sensodyne Whitening she can now have both, whiter teeth and eat cold food items without any worry. The Hindi TVC, similarly, starts with a business relationship manager talking about her fear of consuming food items like chocolate, ice-cream and chai and about the importance of whiter teeth. She then goes on to say how she chose Sensodyne Whitening to deal with tooth sensitivity and also to get whiter teeth.

The TVC:




Client: GSK India

Agency: GREY group India

Creative: Varun Goswami, Gautam Bhasin, Harry Shaw

Client Servicing - Samir Datar, Aparna Sutradhar, Rahul Pahwa, Tina Sauson, Eliza Guarenti

Planning: Bikram Bindra

Production House: Grey Works, London

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