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Tapping the power of mobile to move businesses

In an event hosted by Facebook, Mobile Moves Business, the internet giant tells how it has helped brands leverage best practices

Tapping the power of mobile to move businesses

In an event hosted by Facebook, Mobile Moves Business, the internet giant tells how it has helped brands leverage best practices

ArchitAmbekar | Mumbai | November 29, 2016

FacebookLast week, Facebook India’s MD Umang Bedi informed the media about its India business strategy with focus on the mobile user.

Whether it’s banking on the go, catching up on news or flicking through friends’ holidays photos, mobile is a device that has people’s time and attention. It has transformed the way people around the world connect, share experiences and discover new things. Many of the first-time users of internet in India are coming via mobile phones.

This presents a huge opportunity for brands like Facebook, which has over 166 million monthly active users, of which over 95 per cent login via mobile. Facebook is at the heart of a mobile-first shopping journey and can play a significant role to help brands and advertisers reach out to consumers who form a huge and core target audience for them.

Facebook hosted ‘Mobile Moves Business’-- an industry event in Mumbai designed to bring together businesses, industry experts and marketers to help engage with today’s mobile first consumers in India. The event spoke about tapping the power of mobile to move business as well as industry best practices. Then there were workshops led by Facebook and Instagram.

The right approach moves people through the journey. Facebook charts a four-step journey for the same:

Awareness: Building a brand/product service. Facebook solutions for awareness include video ads, photo ads and slideshow.

Consideration (Demand generation): Creates demand desire in the audience. Facebook’s Carousel ads and canvas help generate demand.

Intent: Captures qualified leads. Lead ads and mobile app installs help build intent.

Conversion: Motivates people to convert. Link ads, carousel ads, and dynamic ads help the client convert or transact.

Currently, brands like Kingfisher (United Breweries), Chevrolet, Durex, Garnier Men, Goibibo, Shopclues, Tata Housing, Tanishq, Veet and Vicks have used this tool from Facebook and have seen good results.

For instance, Kingfisher launched a new drinks brand on Facebook, bringing its personality to life through videos, photos and slideshow ads aimed at youth on mobile devices. United Breweries wanted to reach a very specific youth segment based on demographics and location to launch Kingfisher Buzz. It used carousel, video and photo ads to capture the brand’s youthful personality while slideshow helped it reach a wide audience in low bandwidth areas. Reach and frequency buying allowed it to predictably reach its target audience and control the number of times they saw the ad.

The brand had a 16 per cent lift in ad recall, 11 per cent lift in brand awareness and 5 per cent lift in message association among men.

Samar Singh Sheikhawat Samar Singh Sheikhawat

“Given its extensive reach among India’s youth, Facebook was the ideal platform to launch Kingfisher Buzz. Through a brand video and a series of visuals, we reached and engaged with a large portion of our target audience. The initial feedback from the market has been very positive in terms of sales, as well as ad recall,” said Samar Singh Sheikhawat, Chief Marketing Officer, United Breweries.

Umang-Bedi-nl Umang Bedi

“As the shift to mobile accelerates in India, businesses have to be faster in adopting mobile strategies that reach people at every step of the fragmented commerce journey. We are committed to helping businesses grow. Whether it’s brand building, generating demand, driving leads or sales, we are focused on helping business unlock growth opportunities and help them move their business through solutions that drive results,” said Bedi.

Ashish Bhasin Ashish Bhasin

“Mobile, in India, is becoming an integral part of doing business, not just for communications. In some ways, the recent demonetisation decision of the government will further accelerate this process and as a country we will leapfrog a generation, thanks to mobile. It is an integral part of a consumer's life and brand and purchase decisions. At Dentsu Aegis Network, we want to be at the cutting edge of this revolution, along with our partners like Facebook, to bring the learnings and best practices to India and provide a world class product to our clients,” said Ashish Bhasin, Chairman and CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network, South Asia.

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