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BTVi launches first brand campaign #OpinionsThatCount

The campaign puts forward the channel’s new brand positioning of bringing accurate information that will influence the decisions and opinions of influencers

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | October 28, 2016

Brand-campaign-BTViThe Anil Ambani-owned Business Broadcast News, which operated 24-hour English business news channel Bloomberg TV India, rebranded it as BTVi on August 1, 2016. After the successful launch of the channel, the channel unveiled its new positioning, #OpinionsThatCount.

The influencers seek accurate information that will shape their decisions and build opinions. BTVi will be the voice and choice of the influential. The channel has also launched an integrated campaign primarily catering to influencers, key decision makers and opinion makers.

The campaign was launched in association with Metal Communications. The agency worked closely with the channel in developing the idea and the creative execution. The campaign was launched on October 25, 2016 and will continue until November 30, 2016.

Ambarish Ray, COO, Metal Communications, said, “BTVi's core audience set is the select group of influencers and key decision makers that drive our economic and policy agenda. For an audience like this, point of view is their principal currency of power and BTVi helps shape that point of view. With #OpinionsThatCount, the brand has locked its product approach in its promise and created a differentiated, no nonsense positioning in a fairly crowded category. The hashtag of course is the signature of a mobile first, digitally designed brand and will be a part of a much larger digital campaign we are rolling out.”

This campaign charts out an independent path for the brand, reinforcing its stance post their partnership with Reuters, a high- impact global news provider, by bringing financial and business news from across the globe to Indian viewers.

Monica Tata Monica Tata

Monica Tata, Chief Operating Officer, BTVi, said, “This campaign represents our strong stand focusing on influencing the think tanks of the country who are trendsetters and key drivers of the economy. BTVi aims to provide most credible information to its viewers. Through this campaign, the channel continues to reach out to recognised authorities of their fields, whose thoughts and opinions matter to the millions who follow them.”

The channel has been working on the new positioning and the campaign since August end and will keep on adding content, ideas and thought processes that would resonate to the campaign.

Elaborating on why they launched the campaign two months after the channel, Tata said, “It’s not a new channel that we had to promote. It’s just the brand change and positioning that had to be worked upon. We had to go out in the market with a strong proposition and that took time to put it together. Working on the idea and execution took time.”

Also, mentioning the insight of the campaign, Tata said, “The insight of the campaign was that the influencers are seeking accurate information, which will shape their decisions and build their opinions. We wanted to create a platform of that sort. So, BTVi would be the voice and choice of the influential. With that insight, this campaign was created keeping in mind the key decision makers and opinion makers in mind.”

To put together the campaign in such a short period of time was the only challenge faced by the channel. But Tata says, “It was a fun experience both for the agency and us to put it together.” The 360-degree campaign is being promoted across digital, outdoor, print and also on the channel.

Tata said, “Opinions are an integral part of this industry. When you bring those opinions of key decision makers and influencers; there is a lot of depth in what is spoken by them, this platform would be the choice and voice of such influencers and opinion makers.”

The channel also revamped its look on the screen. The grids, fonts and colours and stocks, all have been changed with the channel rebranding. Tata said, “Fundamentally, a business news channel needs to have a given hygiene requirement when you are looking at a channel. Certain aspects were missing in the earlier look, which is the feedback we have received from the consumers and we have incorporated that.”

The channel already has a few new programmes in place, but will also bring a lot more exclusive international content from Reuters relevant to the Indian market going forward. The shows already airing on the channel are Dealing Room, Market Guru, The Trading Day, E-Inc and The Auto Show.

Tata said the consumer response has been good on the channel’s new positioning so far. She added, “Yesterday we were trending all over India on Twitter and that was very overwhelming for all of us to have that fantastic response. The general response from other people who are in the industry has been very positive. People have liked the look, proposition and positioning. So, we are quite excited and happy with the outcome.”

Target audience of the channel are mainly males in between the age of 30-50 years and belonging to section A of society and residing mainly in metros.

Commenting on how differently BTVi is placed among the business news players in the market, Tata said, “It is one of the business news offerings, but placed in a premium proposition in terms of the kind of opinions and people that will come on to the platform. The thinking that the channel will drive will speak back for itself. More importantly, Reuters content will be exclusively available for BTVi partnership and will help bring good international content to the channel. The branding and the offering of the channel will be stronger than what it was in the recent times.”

Earlier in January, Bloomberg had decided not to renew its existing licensing agreement with Business Broadcast News, following which the company had to remove Bloomberg from the title. Bloomberg has joined hands with Raghav Bahl-owned Quintillion Media.

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Chief Creative Officer: Narayan Kumar

Chief Operating Officer: Ambarish Ray

Planning: Ambarish Ray

Creative Director: Priti Jhunjhunwala

Account Management: Aroon Ramchandran, Megan Ferreira

Creative Team: Sagar Desai, Arindam Mallick

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