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Animal Planet’s ‘Yeh Mera India’ explores India’s incredible wildlife

Witness the spectacular, explore the exotic and celebrate Indian wildlife as the channel launches a new season of Yeh Mera India

August 8, 2016


Starting from August 15, every night at 8 pm, Animal Planet’s month-long initiative Yeh Mera India travels across India’s most stunning national parks, nature reserves and bio-diverse regions to discover its rich and varied wildlife.

Animal Planet plans to draw the youth and family audiences towards the Indian wildlife through a music video ‘Party like an Animal’, composed by Sachin-Jigar. Sung by leading Bollywood sensations Monali Thakur, Anusha Mani and Rahul Pandey in Hindi, Tamil and Bangla, the multi-lingual party track has gripping lyrics, vibrant choreography and glitzy performances.

The song “Toh sochta hai kya, aa chal main dikha doon, aa party karneke tarike main sikha doon, come party like an animal…” inspires viewers to come along, connect with the wild kingdom and party like an animal. Reminding viewers of nature’s beauty and amazing wildlife, Yeh Mera India wants the current generation to be the change agents for a better tomorrow.

“We are delighted that Animal Planet gave us an opportunity to connect with our fans and youth across the country. The Party Like An Animal music track aims to appeal to today’s generation and sensitise them to preserve the natural world for our own future,” said Sachin and Jigar.

In its fifth year, Animal Planet’s annual programming initiative Yeh Mera India takes viewers on an immersive journey across India, exploring its iconic wildlife, mystical locations, epic landscapes and colourful beauty. From the Kaziranga and Manas wildlife reserves in Assam to Jawai and Ranthambore in Rajasthan, from Gir and Thar in Gujarat to Nagarhole and Shola range in Southern India, this new season of Yeh Mera India focuses on the biodiversity of different regions and extraordinary wildlife that thrives in it.

Beginning its journey on August 15, Yeh Mera India’s first episode Manas: Return of The Giants tells the story of revival of Manas National Park and returning of all its endangered giant animals: the wild water buffalo, the gaur, the one-horned rhino and the Asian elephant.

In Jawai: India's Leopard Hills, rare footage from Jawai, a picturesque location in Rajasthan surrounded by hills, reveals leopard behaviour like never before and challenges the general opinion about the big cat.

The episode India: Where Wild Things Roam, featuring Kaziranga National Park, puts focus on the fate of endangered animals like the one-horned rhinoceros, the eastern swamp deer, Asian elephants, Bengal tigers and wild Asian water buffalos.

Exploring India’s great desert, Thar Desert Sacred Sands reveals that despite the lack of food and water, humans and animals thrive amid the baking, drought-ridden dunes of the Thar Desert.

Capturing the essence of wilderness and investigating the threats to India’s precious ecological heritage, Nagarahole-Tales From an Indian Jungle, highlights one of the last strongholds of wildlife in southern India -- the Nagarhole National Park that is home to most large animal species found on the sub-continent.

Leopards-in-Jawai Manas-National-Park,-Rhino-baby-

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