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We consciously took our time to launch a smart watch: Titan’s Sirish Chandrashekar

Titan has always been close to the consumer for years and it used a similar approach of waiting to understand it from the Indian context. After multiple legs of research, it came up with JUXT, says the Head of Marketing, Titan Watches

Archit Ambekar | Mumbai | February 15, 2016

Sirish-Chandrashekar Sirish Chandrashekar

Titan recently launched their smart watch, JUXT, a strategy to keep moving with the fast forward digital world and face competition from newer entrants.

In an interaction with BestMediaInfo, Sirish Chandrashekar, Head of Marketing, Titan Watches, Titan Company Limited, speaks the campaign and way forward for the brand. Excerpts:

You recently launched your smart watch. Do you think you are a late entrant in the market?

There are a few players in the market from the world of technology. But we consciously waited for the Indian context and could possibly excite our consumers. Titan has always been close to the consumers for years in the country and we used a similar approach, which is why we waited to understand it from the Indian context. From a consumer point of view, we wanted to know what they would want in a smart watch and we developed this model for them.

What kind of research did you put in before launching the watch?

There were multiple legs of research that we carried out. We did an in-depth quality analysis of the users and non-users of smart watches. At the same time, we conducted a deep drive into the world of technology to understand what is driving consumers to using this technology and how it has evolved over time. The analysis showed some interesting insights for us to take forward.

What was the thought behind the TVCs?

Titan has always touched the emotional chord of the consumer and we continue to do that with this campaign. This time each film highlights one feature, thus making the campaign product centric.

Who is your target audience?

Identifying who the consumers are was one part of the story for us. We arrived at what the consumer profile will be like and we found that the creative entrepreneur is the right person for us. A lot of younger consumers want to become entrepreneurs and that was one of the aspects. The other aspect was the role of a smart watch in their life. The thing that was lacking was that a lot of the smart watches that come in from the technology space were a calculator on your wrist. Hence, creative entrepreneurs were our target audience.

How did you choose your brand ambassadors?

We picked our ambassadors based on the fact that they fit our ‘Creative Entrepreneur’ category and at the same time have a large social media following. Vir Das, Pritam and Kabir Khan being good friends and matching our criteria made it simpler for us to make this TVC.

What kind of markets do you intend to target in India and abroad?

Titan JUXT is available in the US, UK and Canada. In India, it has presence in 260 Titan stores (80-90 cities), large format stores, and is also available online on our website and on

Is the product unisexual?

There are two models, an analog model and a smart model. So, currently both the models are largely for the male audience.

What kind of media will you use for the launch?

The whole approach for the campaign was a digital-first approach. On the marketing front, we have product displays at corporate offices, airports, on-ground activities and television. Our television campaign is a 45-day campaign. We are also looking at newspaper advertising. We won’t do outdoor and radio at the moment.

What innovations do you see in the space that you are in?

Innovations in the space depend on a lot of features. As of now these are the smartest innovations, but many options can be explored with technology.

What kind of growth do you expect this year?

JUXT has received a good response in a small span of three weeks. In fact, it is beyond our expectations. For the overall brand Titan, we’ve had ups and down during the year. We’re looking forward to a better next year.

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