Murugappa Group launches new corporate brand campaign

Comprising eight films conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Murugappa Group's campaign is themed on prospering together

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Murugappa Group launches new corporate brand campaign

Murugappa Group launches new corporate brand campaign

Comprising eight films conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Murugappa Group's campaign is themed on prospering together

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | February 19, 2016

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Murugappa Group recently launched its tri-lingual brand campaign. Continuing its successful format of eight different films featuring major brands of the group, the ads have been created in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu to leverage the increasing preference for the rich idiom of local languages.

The theme of the campaign in English is 'Together, let's prosper' and in Hindi it is 'Jud Kar Badhein,' rooted in the prevailing mood of progress. The objective is to move the brand to the next level and progress from recognition to connect.

The films show a slice of life narration by Indians and their aspirations. Murugappa Group and their products/services form an integral part of these stories in helping them realise their dreams. Each film depicts various people associated with different products of the group. The films feature an educated farmer for their Coromandel brand; a taxi driver buying his first car; a parent wishing her injured child could dance again in their Chola Insurance campaign; a mother-daughter duo where the daughter gets a new job in their Parry's sugar brand; a first-generation entrepreneur in Coonoor for their Parry Agro brand; a father-son duo in their BSA Hercules cycle brand; a young couple for their TI Corporate brand; and soon-to-be-parents buying their first house in Ahmedabad for their brand Cumi.

All the films have a common messaging: “Let's do it together, let's prosper together.” Be it buying one's first car or buying one's first home or insuring one's child's future or using the best crops, Murugappa Group is there to help you.

The campaign will run for five to seven weeks and intends to create buzz around the Union Budget on major TV channels. The campaign will be supported by digital media, radio and movie theatres in select cities over a longer period.

Speaking about the campaign, Tithi Ghosh, Senior VP and Head of Advertising, Ogilvy & Mather, South, said, “Murugappa Group is a conglomerate of 28 companies and therefore the group services diverse consumer constituencies both directly and indirectly. Our brief was to tap into the multitude of emotions its various products and services trigger in their consumers' lives. Taking inspiration from the current socio-cultural climate in India where we are being encouraged to nurture and pursue our dreams, we imagined that every time a consumer buys into any of Murugappa's products and services, they are taking one step towards realizing their own dream. This single thought unifies the eight TVCs – irrespective of the region, the demographic, the cultural context of everyone aspiring for a better life. Murugappa Group believes they have a product or service that will enable them to do so. Real progress is possible when we find partners who empower and enable us. Murugappa is one such partner. We have an anthemic music video for digital that will run alongside the eight individual films. The client will continue to invest in the brand platform 'Judh kar badhein' for the next two to three years to strengthen Murugappa Group's emotional connect with its various consumer groups.”

The TVCs:


Client: Murugappa Group

Client team: Vijayalakshmi D (Senior AVP, Group Corporate Communications), Mathangi V, Prasad RV

Creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore

Supervision: Tithi Ghosh

Executive Creative Director: Steven Hough

Associate Creative Directors: Deepesh Rajani, Sumedh Rasal

Production house: Elements, Mumbai

Director: Vivek Daschaudhry

Music Director: Hanif Sheikh

Producer: Sandeep Patil & Sandeep Singh Bedi