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AdFest unveils complete line-up of speakers at 2015 festival

This year’s programme features creatives such as R/GA’s Nick Law, AKQA’s Rei Inamoto, Design Army’s Pum Lefebure, and Hollywood actor/ producer Paul J Alessi

AdFest unveils complete line-up of speakers at 2015 festival

This year’s programme features creatives such as R/GA’s Nick Law, AKQA’s Rei Inamoto, Design Army’s Pum Lefebure, and Hollywood actor/ producer Paul J Alessi

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | March 18, 2015


AdFest has unveiled its complete line-up of speaker sessions for 2015. This year’s programme features creatives such as R/GA’s Global Chief Creative Officer, Nick Law;AKQA’s Chief Creative Officer, Rei Inamoto; Design Army’s Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Pum Lefebure; and Hollywood actor/ producer Paul J Alessi, among others.

ADFEST 2015 takes place on 19th – 21st March 2015 at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand.

How to make a brand bad ass: D&AD in London is bringing in R/GA’s Global Chief Creative Officer, Nick Law, to present a Speaker Session that will kick off AdFest 2015.

The Gunn Report 2014: Emma Wilkie is returning to AdFest for the world premiere of The Gunn Report 2014, which will be unveiled on March 19.

Circle of Trust: Brand strategist Sidharth Loyal will call for people to “Be brave” in widening their circle of trust; giving people credit; and sharing ideas. Loyal believes the majority of client/ agency relationships have a big trust deficit.

“We will fix it in post”: The team at Juice in Poland will present a panel discussion including Juice’s Adam Tunikowski (CEO and Creative Director), Michal Dwojak-Hara (Head of Animation & Creative Director), Michal Misi?ski (Art Director) and Natalia Lasota (Producer).

Bad is Bad: Cheil Worldwide’s resident expert on Brand Experience, Chung Su Ko, will shed light on what this burgeoning field of communications really means. He will also present two standout Cheil projects – Kolon Inspiring Journey, a major industrial brand seeking public recognition through an art marketing campaign, and Samsung Galaxy Studio in Your Life, which transformed the perception of the Galaxy brand from techy to lifestyle focused.

The Good, the bad, and the punk rocker turned music supervisor: Before joining Sizzer Amsterdam in 2008, Marcel Wiebenga was a drummer with Dutch-American extreme hardcore punk band Das Oath. His presentation will recall those days, explain punk’s attitude and ethics, and give insights on how they relate to his current work as a music supervisor and the advertising world in general.

RoI of the bad: Do shocking ads really work?: Shocking, different, bad. Award judges love such ads and value their creativity. But do such ads really work and make the advertiser happy?To shed light on this contentious topic, Hando Sinisalu, CEO of Best Marketing International in Tallinn, Estonia, will offer lessons on how to make shocking ads work.

Be Bad! A technologist’s guide to breaking creative rules: Laurent Thevenet, Technology Director at Proximity Singapore, will talk about the emergence of inspiring new creative models involving more disciplines beyond just art and copy; and evolved creative teams who break the rules, think differently, and are ultra-reactive.

Making it in Hollywood: The hard way as an independent producer, actor, creator & director: Paul J Alessi, a New York native, was working as a model before moving to Los Angeles, where he decided to pursue a career as an actor full-time. Since then, he has begun producing and directing, and now has several features in development. He will shed light on how he made it in Hollywood.

Dentsu Aegis Network presents Young Lotus 2015 Fresh Blood: Ted Lim, Regional Chief Creative Officer at DentsuAegis Network Asia Pacific, Co-Chairman of this year’s workshop,along with Akira Kagami, Yukio Nakayama, and Takemi Furuta will present this year’s top Young Lotus teams, who will showcase the work they created during this year’s Young Lotus Workshop.

You are a heor. Not a target. The new era of storytelling: Kazuaki Hashida and Takahiro Hosoda from Hakuhodo Group will explain how Hakuhodo approaches and creates ads that turn consumers into heroes.

Storytelling is the new black: Jonathan Samway, Partner and Executive Producer at Moth Projects in Australia, believes the advertising industry has moved further and further away from its most important job: to tell stories that engage people.

‘Buckle up! The tidal wave of Transmedia is overwhelming the advertising industry’: Chung Chung Chan, lecturer at Hong Kong Design Institute, will explore how a solid understanding of the art and craft of storytelling is essential when creating successful Transmedia projects.

Music & Sound: The anatomy of an earworm’: Uncanny Valley’s Justin Shave and Charlton Hill will examine the evolution of human response to audio, and the psychology behind music use as a brand tool.

Let’s get real! Groundbreaking virtual & augmented reality: Simon Gosling, CEO at Happy Finish, will examine the advertising opportunities that Virtual & Augmented Reality bring to brands, while showcasing work Happy Finish has created for Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard for Ted Baker, River Island, Lufthansa, Mercedes and Honeywell.

Short films by the Fabulous Four: Four up-and-coming directors are preparing to debut their short films to a live audience. All four films will be based on each director’s interpretation of the AdFest 2015 theme, “Be Bad”.

Jury Presidents’ Crossfire I & II: This year’s Jury Presidents will take the stage to answer probing questions about this year’s Lotus contenders. The first Crossfire session will be moderated by Brett Mitchell, Director of Pollen in Sydney, and the second will be moderated by Normandy Madden of Thoughtful Media Group.

Design your life so you can kick ass 365: Thai designer Pum Lefebure will dissect and showcase examples of how she integrates a Thai sensibility with American design, connecting the East and the West.

Undeniable: AKQA’s Chief Creative Officer, Rei Inamoto, is famous for his ability to predict the future. He will share his forecasts for the next five years.

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