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Live data analysis tools to power Times Now’s Bihar election coverage

The channel gears up for a marathon coverage of 36 hours, with the use of tools like Clusters, Firewall and Spectrum for accurate analysis of data

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | November 6, 2015


The Bihar election coverage on Times Now is expected to be a 36-hour live broadcast spearheaded by Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami. Goswami, along with a team of experts, will analyse the news, exit poll indications and results over a period of 36 hours starting at 7 PM on November 7.

Joining Goswami on the panel will be experts like Sunil Alagh, Saba Naqvi, Sankarshan Thakur, R Rajagopalan, Kumar Ketkar, Hartosh Singh Bal, Ajoy Bose, Arati Jerath, Shahid Siddiqui and  Neerja Chowdhury.

With statistical tools like Spectrum, Cluster and Firewall, the channel hopes to provide a superior viewing experience to viewers.

Speaking about these tools, Goswami told a select media,  “Cluster is a graphic tool which analyses results on the basis of social, demographic or political similarities and the profile of a constituency. The second tool, Firewall, gives live data analysis that tells you whether any individual constituencies are bucking the overall trend. For example, if there is a constituency that the Janata Dal has won three times in a row, it is a firewall constituency, because for anyone to breach that constituency from the other side will be doubly difficult. So, if the exit polls indicate that trend is being bucked, Firewall throws it up, with details of the candidate or party challenging the favourite, and the others in the constituency. While people do this kind of analysis 10 to 12 hours after the results, on Times Now it will be done live.”

Speaking about the third tool, Spectrum, Goswami, said, “We’ve designed this to emulate the concept of a spectrum; we will put the entire result out literally on a band and colour-code it – for example, Saffron for the NDA, Green for JD(U). So the band is colour coded, and as the results come in, the band gets filled with colour. So you can compare the band of this election to the band of last elections and visually a viewer can understand if colour-wise this election is looking like the last election or otherwise. All these tools are live data analysis tools,” Goswami explained, adding, “They graphically depict the election result. A viewer just needs to look at the screen and he’ll understand. We have taken graphical live data to another level, especially this election.”

Goswami furtgetvsaud, “Times Now was miles ahead of all competition in the last General Elections. We had 50 per cent channel share during the General Elections. Typically, we find that during the elections our viewership goes higher. For us, an election is an indicator of the credibility that the channel enjoys. The kind of coverage we do is completely different from the old fashioned election coverage of the nineties.”

With Goswami leading the coverage along with his team of experts and live analytic data tools for the most accurate numbers that India trusts, Times Now is preparing to steal the show.

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