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Tanishq celebrates a return to treasured customs this Diwali

Featuring Deepika Padukone and her parents, the TVC by Lowe Lintas showcases the Divyam range of jewellery and brings to life the joy of festive family traditions

Tanishq celebrates a return to treasured customs this Diwali

Featuring Deepika Padukone and her parents, the TVC by Lowe Lintas showcases the Divyam range of jewellery and brings to life the joy of festive family traditions

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | October 23, 2015

Tanishq-celebrates-Diwali Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Tanishq has always celebrated memorable occasions and precious relationships while offering unmatchable products. In its latest TVC, conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, featuring Deepika Padukone, the brand tells a prevailing story, where for the first time the actress is seen sharing screen space with her mother and father. Narrating the Diwali traditions of the Padukone family, Tanishq cherishes the beauty of celebrating Diwali the right way. For when you revisit those precious traditions year after year, you are guaranteed a good beginning.

Diwali is the harbinger of joy and prosperity in Indian households and people indulge in buying jewellery, keeping up with decade-long family traditions. Many people truly believe that if one makes a great start to the year on Diwali, the rest of the year is just as great. Holding on to this insight, Tanishq brings to life a precious film for the festival of lights.

The TVC begins with Deepika waking up on a Diwali morning and taking in all the excitement that the day is about to bring. As she walks around the house looking at the preparations, she remembers the tradition her family has always cherished over the years. The fragrance of the laddoos fills the air and she admires the intricate rangoli patterns her father has made on the floor. The diyas light up the house and Deepika anticipates what is coming next – the gold jewellery her father gifts to the ladies of the family. Tugging at the audience’s emotions, she reflects, “If Diwali’s are as beautiful as this, why would anyone change a single thing?”

Commenting on the film, Deepika Tewari, General Manager – Marketing, Jewellery Division, Titan Company, said, “Diwali is a time of the year when we usher in good will and celebrate with our loved ones. We revisit our traditional roots, reminisce about the good year gone by and make new memories with our near and dear ones. While families grow larger and people move away from home, some things never change and every year we hope to get together while looking for new ways to bring alive our treasured customs. This is what we celebrate in our latest TVC with Deepika Padukone and her parents, who bring alive the true essence of Diwali. The story of a family celebration that any of us can relate to – this is something we are happy to showcase this festive season. We at Tanishq truly believe that when we start the year right, the rest of it is just as good.”

Rajesh Ramaswamy Rajesh Ramaswamy

Rajesh Ramaswamy, ECD, Lowe Lintas, added here, “Rituals and traditions during festivals are the ones that give us real joy. If they don’t happen in the same manner, it doesn’t seem like you have celebrated Diwali. We operated with this insight, that these things need no reinvention because we all love it the same old way. And yes, Deepika and her family captured this emotion in such a beautiful manner.”

Sharing her thoughts on celebrating Diwali with Tanishq and her parents, Deepika Padukone said, “Relationships evolve over a period of time, but some things never change. Diwali is a festival of lights, prosperity and happiness and every year we find ways to bring alive our traditions. Buying gold during Diwali is one such tradition. Time goes by, people grow, mindsets change, but traditions are timeless. This is what we are celebrating with Tanishq today.”

The TVC:



Client: Titan Company

Brand: Tanishq Divyam

Creative agency: Lowe Lintas Creative: Arun Iyer, Chief Creative Officer Rajesh Ramaswamy, Executive Creative Director Ujjwal Kabra, Group Creative Director Rexena Devraj, Unit Creative Director Poonam Rajpurkar, Creative Adarsh Atal, Creative Indrasish Mukherjee, Creative

Pradhumn Acholia, Creative Rangaprasad Muraleedharan, Creative

Business: GV Krishnan, President Sudhir Rajasekharan, Senior Vice-President Bhupender Agarwal, Senior Brand Services Director Satish Perumal, Senior Brand Services Manager Akhila V, Brand Services Manager Vishwanath R, Brand Services Manager

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