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Cinthol urges people to get a life offline

The digital campaign, #AliveIsOffline, has been conceptualised by Creativeland Asia

BestMediaiNfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 9, 2015

Cinthol-life-offline Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Cinthol’s new digital campaign, #AliveIsOffline, urges everyone to explore the offline world while they travel to connect with the world around sans the Internet.

The film, set in a forest, starts with the background music of a phone ringing. The operator says, “The person you’re trying to reach is currently busy”. The phone rings again, and the protagonist in the film is shown ignoring it yet again. The voice over then says, “The person you’re trying to reach is currently busy. In a world where you log in without a password. A world where you’re guided by your heart, not an app. A world where you filter your thoughts, not photographs. It’s a wonderful world, maybe you should visit it sometime.” It continues, “Where you make a friend without sending a request. Have a conversation without a character limit. Hear a tweet instead of reading one. Play, but not on a screen. It’s where your time is more valuable than your timeline. Where you live your life and don’t scroll through it.” The film ends with a super that reads, “The world is more beautiful than the World Wide Web”.

Commenting on the campaign, Sunil Kataria, Chief Operating Officer, Sales, Marketing and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products, said, “In a world which is getting sucked into digital and where the youth of today is by default a digital native, this campaign idea of ‘Alive is Offline’ takes the Cinthol brand philosophy of ‘Alive is Awesome’ forward in a very interesting way. Today, we are so addicted to the world of social media that we take pictures only to post them, we check-in before enjoying the beauty around and make conversations only so that they trend. The meaning and beauty of travel to soak in the calm or appreciate a scenic view is lost while we are busy clicking pictures.

#AliveIsOffline is a brilliant effort that urges addicted netizens to take away ‘media’ from ‘social media’ and leave one to only be social, to be social with nature, fellow companions and more importantly, with themselves.”

Apart from the digital video, Cinthol plans to spread the philosophy of #AliveIsOffline through online content partners and sought after tweeters. The brand hopes to touch the minds of as many as 10 million viewers through online content experts and Twitter influencer partnerships, respectively.

On the campaign thought, Anu Joseph, Executive Creative Director, Creativeland Asia, elaborated, “Most of us are guilty of staying connected – answering calls, replying to emails, posting, liking, tweeting, commenting, forwarding – even during our breaks. We go on holidays, but never go offline. We are never alive in the moment. Alive is Offline is Cinthol’s attempt at reminding people to lead more balanced, more fulfilling lives. To go offline because ‘this world is more beautiful than the World Wide Web’.”

The #AliveIsOffline campaign also plans to reach out to approximately 90 million users through quirky and thought starting caller tunes. The brand has tied up with established telecom providers that will allow one to download these simple and straight-to-the-point caller tunes that will definitely ignite the thought of planning a travel and escaping to the real world out there from which we have been missing in action. The film has received over 5 lakh views since its release.

Kataria informed that shorter edits of the film might find its way to television screens in the coming weeks.

The TVC:



Client: Godrej Cinthol

Creative Agency: Creativeland Asia

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