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Cheers to persuasion for ‘man hair’

Park Avenue shows how to convert, through a new campaign for its Beer Shampoo created by Publicis

Cheers to persuasion for ‘man hair’

Park Avenue shows how to convert, through a new campaign for its Beer Shampoo created by Publicis

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | July 24, 2014

Beer-Shampoo-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Park Avenue is known for creating campaigns with tongue in cheek humour, sometimes ranging on the absurd. However, through these campaigns the brand has also managed to find a stronghold in the segment of men's products, lately the Beer Shampoo.

Created by Publicis, the latest campaign extends the previous campaign's story. However, it sticks to the original 'manly' brand promise – 'cheers to man hair' – and brings back the manly man to talk women into understanding their man's needs.

Bobby Pawar Bobby Pawar

"Since we are a beer shampoo, we took a beery attitude towards talking the benefits of our brand. Our blend of wall humour while talking about serious hair stuff made us stand out in a category that takes itself very seriously. It worked like gangbusters for us when the campaign was launched, so it's only natural that we ride that wave in the sequel. The first installation of the campaign was about why a man needs to have man hair. The second is about what man hair feels like. The strategy was to talk to both the woman and the man, because the woman often plays the role of gatekeeper in this category. Yes, the campaign will travel beyond TV," explained Bobby Pawar, Director & Chief Creative Officer, South Asia at Publicis Worldwide.

Raja Chakraborty, Head Marketing, JK Helene Curtis, said, “The recent Park Avenue Beer Shampoo creative has been conceptualised to generate more trials for the product among those who are aware but have some apprehension or the other about using it. We are sure this creative will put those apprehensions aside and get more trial to the product.”

Park Avenue is of the opinion that every man is entitled to buy his manly things. Be it beer, or even beer shampoo. However, like most household decisions, the choice of a man's shampoo is also often done by the women in the house. The brand, therefore, decided that it was time to talk to the women instead. Through the campaign, Publicis tries to make the Beer Shampoo as essential to a woman's happiness as it is to her man's. It looks at persuasion through the eternal want of women for their men to look manly, especially in romantic situations.

Pawar said, “This is Beer Shampoo Part Do – the sequel. It stars the epitome of manly man-ness, the peak of the pinnacle of male perkiness, Rockland Steel. He became quite a hit with people on his debut. In this go-around we see the softer side of the man, as he waxes eloquent about what man hair feels like with his own style of poetry, which admittedly veers more towards cheesy than Shakespearean (I doubt if he can spell Shakespearean). Armed with a pan flute that magically transports you from place to place, he drops hair wisdom that is as golden as, well, his outfit.”

The TVC opens with a couple shopping at a super market. The husband likes the Beer Shampoo and wants to buy it. However, the wife says he doesn't need it. And then, just like in a movie, from the clouds emerges Park Avenue's Manly Man. He talks straight to the woman, telling her how the shampoo works to make a man's hair shiny, smooth, giving it bounce. And how when she caresses, it will feel wonderful and will ignite a feeling of romance in them. The lady, by the end of his monologue, is a convert and asks her husband to buy the beer shampoo because he needs it. The TVC ends with the manly man's voice repeating the mantra: 'Cheers to man hair'.

Anil Kulkarni, Business Director, J K Helene Curtis, added, “I can really say ‘cheers’ to the gang at Ambience for recreating this campaign. It looks easy and fun but believe me, weaving the irreverence and fun aspect of beer with hard consumer insight is tough and Ambience have done a great job.”

The TVC:



Client: Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

Creative Agency: Publicis

Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pawar

Creative Team: Bobby Pawar, Amod Dani, Umesh Rawool, Zarwan Divecha

Account Management Team: Paritosh Srivastava, Chandan Jha, Darrell Fernandes, Tejal Turakhia, Abhishek Sethia

Production House: Fleet Ent

Director: Kay Kienzler

Producer: Sunil Bhatia

Post Production House: Pixion

Post Production Supervisor: Dylan dsouza



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