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Looking for the right partner? TrulyMadly breaks stereotypes in style

Drizzlin conceptualises digital campaign to encourage people to look beyond perceptions

Looking for the right partner? TrulyMadly breaks stereotypes in style

Drizzlin conceptualises digital campaign to encourage people to look beyond perceptions

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | May 9, 2014


Matches are made in heaven. Or on matrimonial sites. But just to make sure that the matches made on Earth are just as heavenly, TrulyMadly.com has come up with a vibrant new digital campaign which will let you choose the perfect person. The campaign has been designed by Drizzlin.

TrulyMadly.com matches people through a proprietary compatibility algorithm based on one’s social personality and a stringent verification process. The website offers a new way to connect with likeminded individuals who are looking for serious relationships. Their claim is that instead of traditional matches based on caste or location or religion, TrulyMadly's way of connecting people on the basis of who they are, what they are looking is more successful in finding the right match.

“Since TrulyMadly is only a digital platform, we chose to make our campaign in the same field as well. We weren't given any brief as such, so we decided to work on how stereotypes are always restricting the way we think and behave,” explained Shirin Rai Gupta, Content Strategist, Drizzlin.

TrulyMadly’s aim is to do some serious matchmaking. Since its verification is strongly social, the site encourages people to come forward and register unlike other matrimonial sites, where mothers and aunts and uncles can register someone else.

The idea was to make a campaign which encourages a breakaway from stereotypes, since their target audience, the mostly social, younger generation, is more likely to give people a second chance.

The campaign features 10 photo stories per week, where one stereotype would be broken. Some really popular ones turned out to be: 'I am Hindu and I love Beef Burgers', 'I run an NGO but still love my H&M blazer', and 'My best friend is a guy and I’m not sleeping with him'.

“Since there were no bombardments from parents, people could come out as who they really are and connect with people. And through the campaign we wanted to tell people to give others a chance, look beyond the stereotype and you will discover something amazing about each other,” added Gupta.

The campaign was finally launched on April 9 and was online for a month. It succeeded in portraying TrulyMadly.com as a young brand which thinks the way its users do. The campaign was heavily promoted on Facebook and Twitter and through their blog. A Twitter contest was also organised about #BreakingStereotypes.

“We received an overwhelming response to our Breaking Stereotypes campaign with people from all facets of life discussing their own stereotypes on our Twitter and Facebook page,” said Rahul Kumar, Co-Founder, TrulyMadly.com.

The plan ahead is to keep the conversation going. The campaign which was well received might give birth to an exhibition on an offline platform.


Client: TrulyMadly.com

Agency: Drizzlin

CEO: Deepak Goel

Content Strategist: Shirin Rai Gupta

Account Manager: Prateek Modi

Design: Nirmesh Narware

Photo: Vicky Roy



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