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CarWale makes fun of ‘irrelevant’ questions

With four funny videos created by Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, the site informs users that there is no need to fill lengthy questionnaires in order to know the on-road price of a car

CarWale makes fun of ‘irrelevant’ questions

With four funny videos created by Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, the site informs users that there is no need to fill lengthy questionnaires in order to know the on-road price of a car

BestMediaInfo | Mumbai | November 27, 2014

CarWale-irrelevant-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC. has launched a series of humorous videos, created by Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, to highlight the new ease with which customers can view on-road prices of cars on the site. The video informs that people don’t need to answer useless questions and fill irrelevant forms involuntarily in order to get the details of a car.

Adhering to the tone of the brand’s first campaign, Ogilvy has created funny videos, this time around scenarios involving an autowala, paanwala, sabziwala, and a kidnapper and the victim’s father. In each of the videos a banal question is responded with a ridiculous array of irrelevant and intrusive questions.

Steven Hough, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Bangalore, said, “These days we're always being asked for passwords, pin numbers and other security references. We're asked for these things so often, it drives us mad! Our campaign takes this insight to create a series of humorous commercials to make our point about the ease of use on the CarWale site.”

Commenting on the campaign, Mohit Dubey, CEO and Co-founder of CarWale, said, “There is no value in forcing consumers to compromise their privacy just to monetise it. That’s short-term thinking, and for us, as market leaders, the overall consumer experience and their faith in us is paramount. We believe that the rest of the industry should adapt to it as well, in the larger interest of building valuable automotive digital media.”

Dhruv Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, CarWale, said, “Isn’t it strange how consumers have no choice but to fill up lengthy web forms and provide personal information just to see the price of a car? What would happen if such intrusive and sometimes highly irrelevant questions were asked in other real-life situations? That’s exactly what we have tried to explore with our new campaign. At CarWale, we promise you ‘No Sawaal, Only Jawaab’.”

In the ‘autowala’ video, a girl is seen asking the autowala to take her to MG Road. To which the autowala replies with several irrelevant questions like what is her email ID, gender and mobile number. The girl gets bewildered and leaves in another auto. The TVC ends with the autowala asking the girl if he can send her a monthly newsletter.

In the second video, a man is seen asking the vegetable vendor for onions. He is met with a fleet of irrelevant questions such as will he buy onions today or tomorrow, where does he stay, what is his salary. He hands a notepad to the confused man to write his full address with country pin code. The man yells at him and just as he is leaving the vendor asks him to choose a unique user name.

In the third video, a kidnapper calls Ramesh, father of the kidnapped girl, and asks him to give him Rs 10 lakh if he wants his daughter to be released. The father asks the kidnapper if he wants the money in cash or cheque, if he is a Hanuman follower as also a Ram follower, if he can transfer the amount online or there is any EMI scheme. The kidnapper gets muddled with the odd questions and hangs up the phone. At the end, the father calls back the kidnapper to ask him if he is on Facebook.

In the fourth video, a girl and a boy arrive on a bike at the paanwala’s shop and ask the price of ‘sweet paan’. In turn, the paanwala asks for their first and the last names, mobile numbers, genders. Perplexed with the questions, they leave. At the end, the paanwalla offers them a health insurance along with the paan.

All the videos end with the voiceover saying ‘Shukar hai, jab aapko car ki sahi on-road price janni ho, CarWale aapse fizool ke sawaal nahin karte’. (Thankfully, when you wish to know the accurate on-road price of a car, CarWale won’t ask you unnecessary questions.)

The TVC:

Sabjiwalla video:


Autowallah video: [youtube][/youtube] Kidnapper video: [youtube][/youtube] Paanwallah video: [youtube][/youtube]


Agency: Ogilvy Bangalore

Executive Creative Director: Steven Hough

Senior Creative Director: Sairam Vijayan

Associate Creative Director: Gayatri Mahadevan

Associate Creative Director: Siddharth Ramnath

Senior VP (Head of Planning): Arthur Mitchell

Senior VP: Kiran Ramamurthy

Vice-president: Deepanker Mukherji

Group Account Manager: Sreshta Anantharam

Senior Account Executive: Nishat Farhat

Production House: BWP Totem

Director: Venky Iyer

Producer: Janani Ravichandran

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