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The Tramp rules Romedy Now this April

It’s time to roll over laughing with the god of laughter as the channel lines up Charlie Chaplin classics

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai |April 4, 2014


This April get ready to laugh your pants off as Romedy Now presents the Best of Charlie Chaplin right through the month. Charlie Chaplin, the ‘God of laughter’, once said: “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” So, it’s time to double up, split your sides and guffaw. The antics of The Little Tramp is being brought to viewers in a month-long series titled ‘Jolly Good Chaplin’ for a daily dose of nostalgic laughter every Monday through Thursday.

It’s Chaplin’sday out in ‘A Day’s Pleasure’ as he goes on an excursion with his wife and kids. But one trouble after the other like traffic jam and car breakdown plays party poopers for them. Watch hilarious antics like Chaplin walking across a fat woman’s back to get on to the boat and many more in this one. The Tramp falls in love with a visually-impaired flower girl in ‘City Lights’ and makes friends with a drunkard millionaire after saving him from a suicide attempt. Funny situations like the scrawny Chaplin getting into a tournament with a brawny boxer to help the impoverished girl financially make this film cute and hilarious at the same time.

‘Pay Day’ has Chaplin playing a bricklayer whose bully of a wife is like the national bank that takes away his pay as soon as he gets it. But he hides money to enjoy a night out drinking. Missing his last transportation on the rainy night, he gets back home just in time to pretend that he is leaving for work again! From a tramp to a war hero, Chaplin makes it to the boot camp in ‘Shoulder Arms’ where he “surrounds” and captures 13 Germans alone and pretends to be a tree trunk and goes behind the enemy lines! But is it a victory parade or a charade?

A farm hand who milks a cow into his coffee, fries eggs by holding the chicken over the frying pan and dances with nymphs in his dreams, Chaplin is in love with his neighbour’s daughter but despised by her father in ‘Sunny Side’. As he tries to woo her, an injured city slicker has designs on the same girl. So who will win her? The Tramp finds himself employed in a circus and in love with the ringmaster’s stepdaughter in ‘The Circus’. A tightrope walk dodging escaped monkeys and many funny acts make this one a riot!

Chaplin gets adventurous in ‘The Gold Rush’ as he goes to the Yukon to participate in the Klondike Gold Rush. Watch him play a persecuted Jewish barber as well as a Nazi dictator Hynkel, a spoof of Hitler in The Great Dictatator’. There’s too much to laugh about as the Tramp plays the double role of a hobo and a wealthy man in ‘The Idle Class’ and the comedy of errors at a masquerade ball because of the doppelgangers. Get ready for love and laughter as he plays an adoptive father in ‘The Kid’. A momentary parting and then uniting this huge hit has funny and tender moments galore. And then check out his comic capers in ‘The Pilgrim’ where he plays a convict on the run who is mistaken for a pastor in a small town.

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