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Godrej & JWT make men ‘Dance to Women’s Tune’

The campaign brings alive women’s innermost desire of making their men work around the house!

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 6, 2014


Godrej’s latest campaign, ‘Dance to My Tune’, which is the world's first women only web experience, is perhaps an ode to womanhood on International Women’s Day. It brings alive their innermost desire of making their men work around the house!

Designed and conceptualised by JWT, the digital ‘Dance to My Tune’ campaign is exclusively dedicated to women, for women and by women. Based on the premise where women in India feel that their men are lazy and need to pitch in with the household chores, the fun and interactive web experience, strictly for women, is meant to have their partners work for them by doing chores like making the bed, cleaning the house or cooking up a fancy meal. Not just that, the exclusive tailor-made video can be shared by the women on her Facebook page for all her friends to see.

Shireesh Joshi Shireesh Joshi

“Women make up a core part of our target group as well as a significant part of our workforce. Both at home and at the workplace they need support of people and practices. Godrej does that both as a manufacturer that understands her needs and designs great performing, easy to use products as well as an employer with policies that enable productive and fulfilling lives for women. On the occasion of Women’s Day, we saw a great opportunity of bringing attention to women's needs in an engaging way that is also connected with Godrej. We wanted to let them do something quirky and fun, which is how this idea came into being. We hope that women all over enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed creating it,” said Shireesh Joshi, COO, Strategic Marketing, Godrej Group.

Godrej products has always brought forth ideas and products that make life brighter and ‘Dance to My Tune’ goes a step ahead in making this true for women. As a modern brand, Godrej taps into the fact that modern living has more choices and more dilemmas, chores being one of them. The campaign hinges in the fact that in a country that’s all about men, it would be liberating to give women the power they so desire.

Tista Sen Tista Sen

“How often do you get to work on an idea that’s just for us women folk? Getting the opposite sex to partner you with the housework is often a complaint left unfulfilled. Now you can, at least in the virtual space! Using technology with great insight, this viral is what reaffirms our belief in ideas first. No matter what the medium, we need to connect and engage with our consumers. And on Women’s Day what better than this!” commented Tista Sen, National Creative Director, JWT India.

Women can make their dream come true and have their partners dance to their tune by logging on to  and sign in through Facebook. Once they upload their and their partner’s picture, all they need to do is select the chore that they need done and they have their video ready to see and share. Given that it is strictly for women, men only get to see and not participate!


Creative Agency: JWT India

National Creative Director: Tista Sen

Ex. Creative Director: Keshav Naidu

Copywriter: Jeet Singh, Harsh Jhaveri

Senior Creative Director: Kunal Mhabadi

Planning team: Bindu Sethi, Shaziya Khan, Jasravee Kaur

Account Management: Anitha Krishnan, Samarth Shrivastava, Sameer Joshi, Shvetank Naik

Films: Anupama Ahluwalia, Sanjay Narang

Directors: Mahee Pal and Pratima Pal

Production House: Digital Clay

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