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March is ‘Space Month’ on Discovery Science

Starting March 1, every night at 9 PM, there will be special programmes such as Secrets of the Universe, Deadliest Space Weather, and Cosmic Safari, delving into the mysteries of the universe

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 28, 2014


Discovery Science is presenting a special line-up of programmes dedicating the entire month of March as the ‘Space Month’.  From March 1, 2014, the channel will be airing enthralling series such as Secrets of the Universe, Deadliest Space Weather, and Cosmic Safari, all delving into the mysteries of the universe, mankind’s exploration of space and close encounters of the third kind. The shows will air everyday at 9 PM.

Space Month takes the viewers on a guided tour of the planets to explore the attractions and hazards of visiting the outlandish planets of the solar system.

Rahul Johri Rahul Johri

Rahul Johri, Senior VP and General Manager – South Asia and Head of Revenue, Pan-Regional Ad Sales and Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “Discovery Science continues towards presenting unmatchable content to its viewers. The Space Month will give viewers a never seen glimpse of the cosmos and secrets of our universe that is sure to amaze and inspire them. The surreal look at the real deadly weather of space will leave viewers awestruck and imagining.”

The Space Month opens with the groundbreaking series ‘Secrets of the Universe’ which follows a trail of energy into the power centres of the universe. Each episode visualises these realms using state of the art animations based on both scientific data and the latest supercomputer simulations.

Imagine acid rain that can eat through solid steel, hurricane winds that blow at 1,600 miles per hour, lightning bolts 10,000 times more powerful than anything on Earth. ‘Deadliest Space Weather’, through cutting-edge graphics, will recreate these extreme weather conditions right here on Earth. Viewers will get to watch the cities disintegrating under a hail of Venus’s deadly acid rain and entire skylines are blown away by Saturn’s violent winds that dwarf any storm in recorded history.

The unique ‘Cosmic Safari’ leads viewers on a safari through the planet Earth and into the deepest regions of space. Anchored in hard science, cinematic graphics take viewers on a tour of the universe. Viewers will also travel through space to witness evolution as scientists believe it might have occurred and meet the possible inhabitants: a walrus-like creature locked in a moon's ice age, a giant insect that thrives in low gravity and a flying jellyfish from a planet of gas.
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