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Tech2 website merged in

Tech2 was earlier managed as a separate site under Web18. The site has been relaunched with a new design

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | January 10, 2014


Tech2, which was managed as a separate site under Web18, is now merged into, a news and views portal. The website can now be accessed through The earlier Tech2 social media pages/handles continue to exist. The site has been relaunched with a new design.

Speaking about Tech2, Hatim Kantawalla, Editor and Business Head, Tech2, said “Tech2 has taken a massive step forward today with its redesign and integration with The merger is a major level up for tech2, and marks a huge growing-up moment for the site. One of our core motives was to really simplify the user experience, almost to a fault. Emphasis was on readability and the visual aspect, while keeping the article layout simple and straight forward. Those who have followed tech2 over the years will also notice that we’ve done away with the deeply set layers of categories and sections that enabled our navigation. We’ve made access to the product database easy too, either via the product search widget or the compare section—where you can filter, compare prices, before making that all important buying decision."

Durga Raghunath, CEO, Firstpost, added, “Technology is one content area that has comprehensively shifted online. Most of us make virtually every technology decision reading and viewing content online. Given that, I’m really excited that the talented Tech2 team is now a part of the Firstpost digital newsroom. I’m certain they’ll be more for Tech2 and Firstpost readers.”

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