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Zee Media unleashes network power behind ‘Bharat Bhagaya Vidhata’

The initiative showcases angst and aspiration of the common man through a raft of programming across all Zee Media platforms and conversations via #BBV

Zee Media unleashes network power behind ‘Bharat Bhagaya Vidhata’

The initiative showcases angst and aspiration of the common man through a raft of programming across all Zee Media platforms and conversations via #BBV

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | August 16, 2013

This Independence Day, Zee Media Corporation Ltd. launched a new initiative ‘Bharat Bhagaya Vidhata: Loktantra Ka Makeover’ that seeks to redefine and focus on ‘Democracy in a new light’.

#BBV, features a range of insightful, incisive and visually appealing programming, as cross-platform exercise across Zee Media’s entire bouquet of news channels, DNA newspaper and online platforms, and conversations via their respective social media platforms on the hashtag #BBV.

#BBV aims to ensure the Common Man (India’s true Bhagya Vidhata) has heightened awareness on the issues beyond the ‘tu tu mein mein’ of combative electoral politics.

#BBV is an effort to restore every Indian’s faith in our democracy and to instill in him the will to fight those who try to demean it by various ulterior ways.

Zee Media’s mission is to bring this “Bhagya Vidhata” as the centre of attention with the General Elections scheduled in May 2014.

As a socially-responsible initiative, #BBV seeks to record angst and aspiration of 1.2-billion Indians and, at the same time, question those who have been trusted with positions of political power.

Each week, #BBV with its 360-Degree presence on TV, Print & Online, and social-media platforms, will focus ONE issue, eg, Safety, in the entire week, or Price Rise, Corruption, Employment, Healthcare, Casteism, Education, Economic Disparity, Institutional Activism, Society in Decay, Bijli Sadak Paani, Governance Deficit, Role of Opposition, etc..

Each of these issues affects India’s “Bhagya Vidhata” directly; #BBV will sensitize and empower him to push for a solution beyond the stated political agenda.

The show is being powered by rich and eclectic voices such as Zee News editor Sudhir Chaudhary, Bollywood and TV artiste Ashutosh Rana, Miss India Finalist 2002 & Miss Delhi 2001, Divya Jaitly, Zee News anchor Mimansa Mallik, RJs Anant and Saurabh, and Rohit Sardana and Amish Devgan, prime time presenters of the Network.

Each anchor will anchor a specific show in the omnibus Bharat Bhagya Vidhata series, viz, Karamkshetra, Mudda Aapka, Zara Hatt Ke, Ek Naari Aise Bhi, Yuva Maange, Nishane Pe, Kuch Suna Aapne, and India Ka Agenda.

Interactive formats like blogs, debates in structured format on theme of the week will also be unveiled.

Alok Agrawal

Alok Agrawal, CEO, Zee Media Corporation Ltd says, “After 66 years of India’s Independence Nation is still plagued with many serious issues which affect the life of the common man on a daily basis.  It is time to take account of these issues and start taking concrete actions to make our democracy a better place to live.  Bharat Bhagaya Vidhata is a Zee Media Corporation Limited’s initiative to bring the issues to the fore and find constructive solutions in partnership with political leaders, thought leaders, policy makers and the common man. This is going to be an ongoing initiative. The platform welcomes participation, engagement, debate and ideas from all quarters. Through the program we will promote enough opportunities for viewers to engage with us with their thought and ideas through mobile, internet and social media. This initiative will have series of television programs, running across our network channels supported by newspaper stories in DNA & complete archival information on website & ”, Mr. Agrawal further added.

Bharat Bhagaya Vidhata at a glimpse:

Anchor Name About the Anchor Program Name About the Program Day Time
Sudhir Chaudhary Editor, Zee News India ka Agenda After exploring all the aspects on specific issue for a  week through various shows targeting different sections and age groups of India, the issue will be summed up  with India Ka Agenda. With the expert panel, junta and jury members, India will pass a verdict on the issue for the elections 2014 Sunday 9.00pm-10.00pm
Ashutosh Rana Bollywood artiste Nishane pe As the title suggests, the anchor will pose difficult questions to a politician who has been accused of some wrongdoing. The show will provide a platform where hardcore grilling will be done by the junta of India and a golden opportunity for the politician to defend himself Friday 8.30pm
Mimansa Malik Network Presenter Zara Hatt Ke The anchor will interact with politicians/celebrities in a relaxed mood outside their core area of work in their homes with their family members but will stay focused on the theme of the week Tuesday 8.30pm
Amish Devgan Network Presenter Mudda Aapka This show  will set the tone for the rest of the week by highlighting  a particular issue such as Safety or Corruption, and the theme will be followed up for the entire week Monday 8.30pm
Rohit Sardana Network Presenter Karmkshetra Karmashetra is a show to profile  a constituency and its MP’s performance . Reportage from Ground Zero will take  stock of the work done and funds spent by the MP in his or her constituency Monday-Friday 6.30pm
Divya Jaitly Miss India Finalist Ek Nari Aisi Bhi Ek Naari Aisi Bhi will showcase a real female victim who will talk about herself and the issues she has faced. A prominent politician would also be invited to the show to talk and face the victim Wednesday 8.30pm
Anant & Saurabh RJs and Presenters Yuva Mange More Yuva Mange More is a youth based show that talks about the wants, needs and demands of the youngsters which will be an interactive show where a prominent politician will talk his mind on the future of India and the Gen Next Thursday 8.30pm
Kuch Suna Apne Kuch Suna Aapne is a Political Satire with a comical take on the issue of the week. Satires and stand up acts done by actors will depict the fun behind country’s politics. Short skits, comedy scenes will be put together through edit will lighten the weekend mood Saturday 8.30pm

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