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TRAI criticises slack implementation of DAS in Kolkata

Directs MSOs and LCOs to take immediate action or face consequences

TRAI criticises slack implementation of DAS in Kolkata

Directs MSOs and LCOs to take immediate action or face consequences

Best Media Info Bureau | Delhi | July 19, 2013

TRAI yesterday convened a meeting of leading Multi System Operators (MSOs) in Kolkata to review the progress of implementation of Digital Addressable Cable TV Systems (DAS). The authority has observed that even though sufficient time has elapsed since November 1, 2012, the Subscriber Management System of DAS has not been effectively operationalised by the MSOs providing cable TV service in Kolkata.

The Subscriber Management Systems is to have complete details of subscribers including their choice of channels. Unless this is done the full benefit of digitisation cannot be extended to all stakeholders including the subscribers. This will also help subscribers to budget their bills.

To educate and sensitise the subscribers, TRAI has been issuing public notices from time to time. The broadcasters and the Cable TV service providers have also been running scrolls in the TV channels and TV advertisement for the few months, asking the subscribers to submit the duly filled-in Consumer Application Forms. Through these public notices, scrolls and TV advertisements the subscribers were also alerted about deactivation of Cable TV services in case of non-submission of the forms. The reason for  this is that, in terms of Digital Addressable Cable TV Systems Regulations 2012, MSOs can transmit digital signals and activate the set-top box only after receiving the Consumer Application Form from the consumer with his/her preference and entering all the details in its Subscriber Management System. If there is no form, the MSOs are obliged under law not to transmit the signal and deactivate the cable TV services.

TRAI expressed its serious concern that only 20 per cent of subscribers details and their choices are available in the subscriber management system in Kolkata, whereas the figure is more than 80 per cent in other metros. The inaction on the part of MSOs and LCOs in implementation of DAS is totally unacceptable. The MSOs have been directed to take immediate steps to ensure that subscribers details and their choice of channels/bouquets/services are entered into the Subscriber Management System. The Authority would watch the progress in this regard and would take all possible actions, including penal action as per the TRAI Act, to ensure compliance of its regulatory framework.

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