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Franklin Templeton commissions Griphin to make 'Whateos'

As part of its investor education programme, it has launched a series of 'Whateos' explaining the FAQs of investing

Franklin Templeton commissions Griphin to make 'Whateos'

As part of its investor education programme, it has launched a series of 'Whateos' explaining the FAQs of investing

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | December 3, 2013

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After coming out with an investor education initiative through the language of cricket, Franklin Templeton has taken the initiative a step further. Adding another creative feather to their cap, the company has commissioned Griphin Quick Films Agency to create a series of 'Whateos'.

Now, what are these 'Whateos'?

Fundamentally, a ‘Whateo’ is a what-is video which explains the core concept and features of a product, a service or an idea. Predominantly a marketing tool, a 'Whateo' works along the same lines as an explainer video; further enhanced with the expertise of marketing professionals, script writers and film directors.

Shaili Sutaria, Co-founder and Creative Director, Griphin, pointed out, “The prowess of the Whateos that we created for Franklin Templeton India successfully simplified each investor lesson into an entertaining and engaging animated quick film. Every Whateo aims at successfully explaining a concept through illustration, animation and entertainment within a brief format.”

As part of Franklin Templeton’s free online investor education academy, the series of Whateos which are available on their website These are dubbed in five languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Tamil – to ensure nationwide accessibility.

So, does it make sense for Franklin Templeton? Given that the subject of an investment series for beginners has always been perceived as intimidating and heavy therein rendering the entire experience as complex, the Whateos might make it easy to understand. It is also a challenge to clearly communicate with a consumer in a world filled with information overdose. That’s where the Whateo steps in.

The entertaining video series features key lessons such as 'What is a Mutual Fund', 'Importance of a financial advisor', 'Benefits of investing in a mutual fund', ‘Importance of asset allocation', etc. Each of these videos is 3 to 6 minutes in length and explains through graphs, animation and images the frequently asked questions of mutual fund investing.

"The beauty of a Whateo lies in storytelling and simplified illustration; and that can be done in any language. Franklin Templeton is taking investor education to the masses in five languages and there are more in the pipeline. It's an honour to work with visionaries who are pioneering rural empowerment with such cutting edge tools such as a Whateo. Free animated initiatives like these have seen huge success around the world and we are hoping the same will happen in India," said Jay V Sutaria, Founder and Managing Director, Griphin.

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Agency: Griphin Quick Films Agency

Managing Director: Jay Sutaria

Creative Directors: Shaili Sutaria, Huzefa Roowala

Assistant Director: Abhinav Narayan

Client Representative: Farid Khan

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