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Birla Sun Life says 'jaano toh maano'

JWT creates three ad films for a new investor education campaign with the aim of convincing people that learning about mutual funds will lead to believing. Birla Sun Life’s objective is to create a knowledge platform on mutual funds

Birla Sun Life says 'jaano toh maano'

JWT creates three ad films for a new investor education campaign with the aim of convincing people that learning about mutual funds will lead to believing. Birla Sun Life’s objective is to create a knowledge platform on mutual funds 

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | November 25, 2013

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Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company has taken the campaign route to educate investors about mutual funds. The campaign, conceptualized by JWT India, is a uniquely executed investor education and awareness initiative for Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund.

In spite of the presence of over 40 leading mutual fund brands in India in the last five decades, the average Indian invests very little through the mutual fund route.  Given that this industry offers a wide spectrum of investment solutions for investors who lack time or knowledge, this remains a very under-penetrated industry that is comparable to a few drops, in contrast to the ocean of opportunity. Investors at large have yet to understand and appreciate the role that mutual funds can play in their lives, throughout their life.

Research and survey done by Nielsen and Birla Sun Life showed that investors felt mutual funds are risky as they are related to the stock markets. They were also doubtful as to why mutual funds don't generate quick returns and they felt that a lot of money is needed to invest in a mutual fund.

The new campaign, called ' Jaanoge Tabhi Toh Maanoge', is targeted at investors and potential investors. The effort is crafted to deliver the right awareness and the right perception about mutual funds so that even a common man can know, understand and realise the potential of mutual funds as a powerful investment option, and the importance of the role it can play in his life.

Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer – Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group, said, “Jaanoge Tabhi Toh Maanoge (JTTM) is yet another expression of our commitment to create self-realisation among mass India. More than investor awareness and education, the campaign is an investor empowerment programme that typifies the need of the hour. It provokes people to reach out and know the facts about mutual funds for themselves, because we believe that only self-realisation can create behavioural change. Most investor education programmes start with the category or the product. We have chosen to begin with real life situations that investors are accustomed with, and then draw a parallel with facets of mutual funds. Jaanoge Tabhi Toh Maanoge speaks to investors in a language they understand so they can relate to the message better.”

The TVC opens with three friends ordering food at a restaurant. The waiter notes the order, and in his effort to please the customers, promptly adds that he will get the order in two minutes. One of the friends is worried about this response, and asks the waiter whether the food has been made yesterday since he can serve it so quickly. He then tells the waiter to take as much time as needed to get them food that is good and fresh. The narrator, or the sutradhar, seated at the next table overhears this conversation, and speaks to the viewers about how we believe that good food needs to be given time, whereas we never apply the same when it comes to mutual funds where we are always in a hurry for quick returns. The TVC closes with him asking people to visit because once people understand the reality behind mutual funds, only then can they believe in them.

"What do you do when no one is prepared to listen to you the moment you utter the words mutual funds? It takes great partnership with a brave client to provoke this apathy and drive home the point and lead people to seek out more information. Jaanoge Tabhi Toh Maanoge has been a journey to finely craft this teasing provocation that connects our everyday wisdom to the benefits of mutual funds. If we can understand that it takes time to create good food, is it possible that mutual funds also need time to give good returns?" said Dipika Narayan, VP & Exec Business Director, JWT, Mumbai.

What differentiates this awareness programme from others is that it will aggregate all its initiatives and investments behind a single and consistent leave-behind thought, ‘Jaanoge Tabhi Toh Maanoge’. In empathy with the investor’s apathy with this category, it starts all conversations with a real life truth that we all can relate to, and then extends the learnings from the real life situation to a mutual fund barrier. The programme has created a ‘sutradhar’ who brings alive the mutual fund proposition, offering continuity across the three ad campaigns, and the television and radio medium.

Jaanoge Tabhi Toh Maanoge comprises a complete 360 degree communication mix for multi-channel and multi-screen visibility. The first of the three television commercials created by JWT India aired across national television on November 11, 2013. The commercial drives viewer traffic to a user-friendly and interactive website developed by Leo Burnett’s Indigo Consulting that uses animated infographics to explain mutual fund concepts with great simplicity. This is supported with radio spots across leading radio stations and RJ-led content innovation. Also included are on-ground activations, direct emailers across audience clusters and branding across BSLMF’s national network.

“Jaanoge Tabhi Toh Maanoge is not just a mere campaign. It is a platform that we can own through time hereafter. The JTTM website which captures facets of mutual funds now becomes the hub that we will continue to enrich with a lot of informative nuggets, life facts and trivia to make it sticky with viewers. Every initiative we do hence will add to and further build this platform,” explained Kakar.

The TVC:



Client: Birla Sun Life

Agency: JWT India

Creative Team: Tista Sen, Nandita Chalam, Dipesh Kowarkar

Client Servicing: Dipika Narayan, Avik Roychoudhry, Nivedita Lahiri

Films Team: Anupama Alhuwalia, Shradha Singh

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