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Apollo Clinics rolls out campaign for neighbourhood clinics

It is based on the philosophy ‘Closer to You’ and has been executed by Phantom

Shachi Tapiawala | Mumbai | March 1, 2013

Apollo Clinics has rolled out a new poster campaign positioned on the philosophy ‘Closer to You’. The campaign is targeting neighbourhood clinics across the country. The focus of the campaign is to highlight the many services it offers – be it health checks, dental, diagnostics, etc., under one roof. This campaign is an internal campaign executed by Phantom.

Given the influx of many other players in the space of ‘neighborhood clinics’, there was a need to introduce an emotional aspect to the brand plus drive a bigger differentiator as a leader brand in this space. In this context, the brand positioning and visual identity was revisited for clinics.

Sangeeta Reddy, Executive Director - Operations & HR, Apollo Clinics, said, “The characters were chosen after carefully studying our consumers and typical middle class Indian families. Their individual personalities had a major role to play. Each one of them is entertaining as well as authentic, which works perfectly for the brand. Our latest initiative is a never-before innovation to create easy and high recall of new brand positioning and identity.”

“As against larger hospitals and nursing homes, we will aim to establish an emotional connect and bond with the families and not just treat them as patients in a hospital," she added.

As part of executing the campaign, Apollo Clinics launched a few characters such as Raman, a 72-year-old head of the family depicting a typical retired man, who cannot stop himself from drinking umpteen cups of coffee or tea against his doctor’s advice; Manjula, Raman’s wife, who is a lovable granny and conservative in her views, loves watching cookery shows and suffers from constant knee pain; Manoj is the son who is happy-go-lucky but responsible, loves good food, holidays and movies but has prostrate related issues; and Shanti, who is a perfect daughter-in-law who is very modern and even listens to her daughter’s pop music and is constantly fighting a battle with her weight.

Other characters include Divya, Manoj and Shanti’s daughter, a rebellious teenager whose life is dominated by fashion and music and is perpetually obsessed with her skin’s health, and Ranjit, who is absolutely mischievous, keeps bugging his sister and wets his bed quite often and needs dentures to align his teeth.

“We are looking at building a long-term brand visual property that helps in brand recognition and generates anticipation. We expect the characters to ‘come alive’ over time, become recognisable, and, most importantly, endearing. Each character has imperfections but is relatable. We aim to elevate our brand positioning and graduate from being assumed as purely functional to being an emotional brand that is closely involved in your complete well-being,” said Ravindra Pai, Senior VP, Marketing, Apollo Health and Lifestyle.

Commenting on the campaign the execution, Robert Anthoney, Creative Director, Phantom, said, “Every Indian in every stage of life has the right to the best medical care possible. Today, Apollo not only conforms to this truth but also endeavors to surpass it. When Apollo Clinics says to the neighborhood that we are ‘Closer to You’, they mean it in ways more than one. They are present in every neighborhood and for every neighbourhood.”

The campaign was designed by Gautham K Naik, a freelance designer.

The Print Ad:

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