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Vishnu Telang joins Khushi Advertising as 50% stakeholder

He has been one of the foremost creators of the ‘ambient media market’ in India, and made Noel Tata-owned Jaguar Services into a leader in cinema advertising and mall and multiplex branding

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 13, 2013

Vishnu Telang

Vishnu Telang, the man instrumental in making the Noel Tata owned Jaguar Services the undisputed leader in cinema advertising and mall and multiplex branding, has started a fresh stint as a 50 per cent stakeholder in Khushi Advertising, one of India’s fastest growing agencies in the field. In a 17-year career, Telang singlehandedly started from Mumbai and contributed in building Jaguar Services into the leading player with pan-India presence and a team of more than 100 professionals.

Telang was one of the first people to walk the tough routes to convince marketers and theatre owners and build this market as a relevant media for effective communication. He has been one of the foremost creators of the ‘ambient media market’ in India.

Telang commented, “The multiplex and mall revolution has just begun with hundreds of new properties and cities to be added in the next few years. In Khushi Advertising I have a like-minded dynamic partner. They already have a pan-India presence and impressive inventory in multiplexes, malls, shopping centres, clubs, department stores, everything a client would want in his ambient media plan.”

The founder of Khushi Advertising, Pranay Shah, stated, “In the last five years Khushi has already expanded across   19 cities. With Vishnu coming on board with his vast servicing and industry experience we can look at reaching the next level in business deliveries. For our clients it will mean a new chapter in service orientation, result-oriented creativity and complete ambient media solutions.”

One prominent media buyer from one of India’s leading agencies commented,  “With Vishnu and Pranay joining hands, Khushi Advertising is slated to usher in a new era in ambient media in India.”

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