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DS Group creates a laugh riot to promote Chingles

The campaign consisting of five TVCs has been created by Dentsu Marcom to mark the brand’s entry into the gum category

Shachi Tapiawala | Mumbai | February 7, 2013

The funny bone in all of us is sure to get tickled as DS Group introduces three brothers who run riot in its latest campaign to mark its foray into the Rs 1,600-crore gum category with its new brand ‘Chingles’. Launched under its flagship brand ‘Pass Pass’, Chingles is positioned as an antidote to the seriousness that creeps into our lives as we grow up to become responsible adults. The campaign, ‘Aaj Lee Kya’, has been created by Dentsu Marcom.

The campaign is a call to the audience to break the monotony of their daily rut and infuse a little laughter and light-heartedness in their lives with some harmless pranks on friends, family and colleagues. The tagline also works as a reminder to use the brand almost on a daily basis. In the communication the product can be seen as a prank enabler.

The communication has been presented through a series of five TVCs. The first one introduces the ‘Lee’ family. A crazy household with triplet brothers who are busy playing pranks on each other through harmless tricks and gags. Their names – UngLee, KhujLee and GoogLee – represent expressions commonly used to refer to taking someone’s trip.

The five TVCs are anecdotes of the three brothers playing pranks on each other. The second TVC is called ‘Invisible’, the third is a ‘Suhagrat’ TVC, and now the fourth, ‘Shampoogola’, which is the ‘Bubblee Prank’ with the message, ‘Aaj Lee Kya’, which means have you played a prank on someone today?

This time the brothers KhujLee and GoogLee depict the proverb ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’ in their classic style. The film opens on an ordinary day in the Lee household with UngLee lazing around with a book in his hands. But how could such peace last for long when you have a set of naughty siblings. Watch the clever craft of sibling rivalry that KhujLee and GoogLee exploit to trick UngLee into leaving his quantum of solace only to fall prey to another clever prank of his brothers.

Commenting on the campaign, Sunita Prakash, Senior VP, Dentsu Marcom, said, “The brand has been positioned as an antidote to seriousness. The commercials are fast paced to almost give a Charlie Chaplinish feel; the retro execution, unique outfits and voices and innocently hilarious plots add to the frenzy of the films and make the campaign more memorable. All the advertisements communicate the same message but we have seen to it that the tonality is different.”

Prakash added, “We are promoting the campaign through a 360 degree activation plan supported by radio and BTL activation. We carried out on-ground activations across 20 colleges. This activation was supported by radio. We are also promoting the campaign through social media and through the brands website to engage people through an activity called Prank Factory.”

Rajeev Jain, Senior General Manager – Marketing, DS Group, commented, “The campaign created for Chingles is a call to the audience, particularly those aged between 15 and 24 years, to break the monotony of their daily rut and infuse a little laughter and light-heartedness in their lives. The communication shows the product as a prank enabler. For promoting the campaign we are primarily focusing on television as it gives us heavy mileage and reach and also the digital medium as it is an interactive platform.”

The TVCs are of 40 second, 30 second, 20 second and 15 second durations. The campaign broke in the last week of January and will continue for six weeks on television.

The TVC:



Client: Dharampal Satyapal Ltd

Creative Agency: Dentsu Marcom

Account Management: Sunita Prakash, Dhruv Lavania

Planning: Narayan Devanathan, Rabia Sooch

National Creative Director: Titus Upputuru

Creative Director: Abhinav Karwal

Art Director: Sumit Vashisht

Copywriter: Titus Upputuru, Anish Nath, Kapil Rana

Film Director: Amit Sharma

Production House: Chrome Films

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