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Society Tea brews new campaign on social media

The 80-year-old tea brand has launched its first online brand campaign – 'Brand New Day'

Society Tea brews new campaign on social media

The 80-year-old tea brand has launched its first online brand campaign – 'Brand New Day'

Ananya Saha | Delhi | April 3, 2012

Society Tea, one of India's oldest tea brands, has launched its first online brand campaign, 'Brand New Day.' Developed by Smursh Media, the idea behind the campaign is to give people a way to explore and live a little more each day while still doing what they do daily. Hence, the campaign title ‘Brand New Day’.

Harsh Gadia, Managing Partner at Smursh Media, explained, "Instead of just posting ideas or inspiring videos on a blog, we chose to bring four influencers and got them to do the activities over ten days. What it did was bring a level of credibility and authenticity to the idea we were espousing. Here were real people with ambitions and responsibilities. But they still believed in making each day count. And I think this is what makes the campaign honest. We are hoping this strikes a chord with the audience and inspires them to make new beginnings or enjoy small, meaningful achievements and experiences in their everyday lives."

The four young participants who will collaborate with Society Tea via this campaign, come from diverse professions and with varied interests. The common thread that binds them is their love for tea. The activities performed by the participants will be posted by them on Society Tea's blog ( and tweeted and shared over Twitter ( and Facebook page (, respectively. The campaign is looking to leverage the aspirations of the young, thinking, online audience and provide a platform for them to discuss these matters.

Karan Shah, Director, Business Development at Society Tea, said, "We have never believed in advertising the way other companies around us engage in. With our lineage and focus targeting youth in Tier 1 cities, it made sense to go online and be informative, fun and engage with the consumers directly.”

Krishnamoorthy N Venkitaraman, Business Head, Web Development, Smursh Media, said, “The idea behind the campaign was to bring people together, connect them or maybe even encourage them to reflect on their thoughts over a cup of tea. And through all this, give new reasons everyday to do something new. We looked at the web as an opportunity to build such a platform and with this in mind we have launched the Brand New Day initiative.”

He added, “To begin with, we chose four people who have a good following over social media, people who can tell stories and are heard too. Over ten days, they will be given a theme around which they would post a blog.”

While Society Tea has been active in print media and out-of-home advertising, Shah said, “We have a lot more offerings for time-crunched youth today than we had five years ago. Since we do not believe in marketing gimmicks, this campaign would engage them by building a community, where tea forms just one part of the discussion.”

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