Canon celebrates with phuljhadis, phatakas and laddoos

Dentsu Marcom conceptualized the campaign as an extension of the brand message of 'What makes us click'

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Canon celebrates with phuljhadis, phatakas and laddoos

Canon celebrates with phuljhadis, phatakas and laddoos

Dentsu Marcom conceptualized the campaign as an extension of the brand message of 'What makes us click'

Shachi Tapiawala | Mumbai | November 14, 2012

publive-imageIf today's youth had the patience to look through a dictionary, they would probably say that everything, from an aardvark to a zyzzyva inspires them to take a photograph. To bring the festive flavour into the communication and ensure that it is impressive and memorable, Canon India launched a TVC that celebrates the festival of Diwali. Dentsu Marcom is the agency that conceptualised, created and executed the campaign.

The Diwali campaign aimed to give a youthful tone and personality to the brand, and zeroed in on actor Anushka Sharma as the bubbly and vivacious face of Canon PowerShot.

Speaking about the campaign, Alok Bharadwaj, Senior Vice-President, Canon India, said, “Canon India is focused on the fun of capturing random moments and looking at life from the eyes of the savvy and energetic Indian youngster. To redefine the youth consumers and reposition our communication and message, we rolled out a campaign which states that the youth believes in unconventional ideas.”

As an extension of the brand thought of 'What makes us click' emerged a unique take on the festival of lights. The film is about youngsters getting decked up to meet their friends at the Diwali bash. The gorgeous array of colours and beautiful people showcases quirky moments during the 'getting ready' phase while uniquely linking Diwali clichés like phuljhadis, phatakas and laddoos with the Canon tonality of mischievous double entendres.

Narayan Devanathan, SVP, National Planning Head, Dentsu Marcom, said, “Canon PowerShot took its first big step towards establishing a powerful connect with its consumers when it launched "What makes us click" in the first half of 2012. With the new campaign, the brand is continuing and sustaining that same connect – relevant to the current occasion – and also sustaining the brand's overall youthful personality and messaging.”

“The thing that it does powerfully here is have a distinctive voice vis-a-vis the competition – who are starting to look and sound like Canon in their attempts to become more youthful. Anushka Sharma, while being the brand's ambassador, is used more effectively as reflective of the brand's core constituency – youth. She's not made to mouth artificial dialogues or become 'an expert user' of the product. Cultural currency is what the campaign sets out to deliver, and it does so consistently in line with its earlier avatar in the year,” Devanathan added.

The month-long campaign broke on September 17. The TVC is of 30, 20 and 10 second durations. The campaign is being promoted through TV, outdoor, retail and digital platforms.



Client: Canon India

Creative Agency: Dentsu Marcom

National Creative Director: Soumitra Karnik

Creative Director: Soumitra Karnik

Account Management: Sunita Prakash, Kapil Jayaraman, Priyanka KV, Kulanath Kaushik

Planning: Narayan Devanathan, Ivy Mukherjee

Art Director: Amanat Dugal

Copywriter: Soumitra Karnik

Film Director: Rajneesh Ghai

Production House: Asylum Films