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Bigg Boss 6 introduces its ‘naye padosis’

Creates second house which is a rustic mud house with village style amenities and the new contestants will have to survive in there

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | November 19, 2012

Season 6 of Bigg Boss is living up to its tagline of being ‘Alag Che’ with new elements introduced and twists being introduced. The latest twist is that the Bigg Boss house in Lonavala has a neighbouring house with its own set of three inhabitants as of now – naye padosi. The naye padosis will however be living in a completely contrasting set up – an earthen, rustic mud house which is different from the existing sprawling and plush mansion one sees on television. And the Bigg Boss house inmates are not aware of the existence of the this house and its inmates!

This second house is not even one-fourth the size of the current 10,000 sq ft house and the new contestants will have to survive in there! Call it an eco-friendly nest or a village house, it’s sure to test the patience of the contestants that go beyond food and stay. Unlike the main house, the flooring and walls of this rustic house are made of mud, has only one bedroom with six beds and no mattresses. Couches have given way to chatayis on the floor for comfort and antique copper trunks for storage.

While the modern Bigg Boss house has amenities like airconditioning, the contestants in the rustic house will have to live without AC. The kitchen includes a small gas stove that makes it mandatory for the contestants to sit down and cook with aluminium and copper utensils used in villages. This kitchen will not have a microwave oven, food processor or even a sink to wash the dishes. For water storage, there is a matka and kulhads are available for drinking tea, etc. For cleaning utensils, clothes, etc., there is a six-foot deep well making it tough for the housemates. For lighting purposes, the entire house will be lit up with lanterns and to communicate with Salman Khan, there is a puraane zamaane ka television set!

While this new house is isolated from the original Bigg Boss house, the new inmates will be under the scanner of Bigg Boss through 15 cameras trailing their every move and a small confession room.  Unaware of the new neighbours, the present modern house inmates are fighting it out to win the battle but one doesn’t know how destines will be swapped.

This rustic house has been designed by Leena Chanda, wife of late Sameer Chanda, Art Director of movies like ‘Ram Lakhan’ and ‘Raavan’.

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