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Mercedes print ad says don’t go to sleep

The ad by RK Swamy BBDO on the stealthy nature of sleep while driving and the ‘attention assist’ feature in the E-Class was made to look premium

Ananya Saha | Delhi | June 27, 2012

Sleep can suddenly steal upon anyone while driving. Mercedes-Benz wanted to dramatise the stealthy nature of sleep by way of the analogy of a pillow and drive home the fact that the new ‘Attention Assist’ in Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars will detect any tendency of sleepiness and prompt the driver to take a break — an important, thoughtful feature from a brand that has pioneered most of the safety features extant in the automotive world today.

Ambareesh Chakraborty, Creative Director, RK Swamy BBDO, told BestMediaInfo, “The brief from the client was to make potential customers realise that even though sleep can strike at any time and without warning while driving, the ‘Attention Assist’ feature in Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars has been designed to tackle just that.”

The ad aims to make potential customers realise the dangers of the stealthy nature of sleep. “This was done through the sudden conversion of the road marks into pillows. We let the visual cue the problem and have the copy simply state the solution,” Chakraborty added.

The ad was made to look premium, and be noticeably different in the way it delivers the message. Chakraborty said, “The message was supposed to be understated in tone in keeping with the image of the brand. It is simple, yet unusual. It does not have a crash scene or a man drooling off to sleep or a shiny car in it, yet the tone of the ad is Mercedes-Benz.”

For the record, RK Swamy BBDO Interactive, the digital interactive solutions division from RK Swamy BBDO, had won the digital mandate of Mercedes-Benz India in March this year.


Client: Mercedes-Benz India

Brand: Mercedes-Benz

Creative Agency: RK Swamy BBDO

Chief Creative Officer: Sangeetha Narasimhan

Creative Director: Ambareesh Chakraborty

Copywriter: Bhavesh Doshi

Art Director: Rahul Singh Parmar

Computer Atist: Jitendra Rai

Client Servicing Team: Neeraj Sangani, Sayed Naushad, Ranjan Nair

Media Agency: RK Swamy Media Group

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