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Chi Kitchen & Bar takes Twitter route for brand building

Brandlogist creates buzz for the pan-Asian Delhi-based restaurant chain using Twitter to create emotional connect

Ananya Saha | Delhi | April 27, 2012

With a market crowded with restaurants having similar value propositions at highly competitive prices, how does a pan-Asian restaurant chain drive brand awareness and subsequent business? New Delhi-based Brandlogist Communications Consultancy figured a way out for Chi Kitchen & Bar, the pan-Asian restaurant chain. Since the restaurant needed to reach out to a specific TG, Brandlogist considered the option of Twitter.

“The brand being local in nature, our targeting had to be very effective to result in maximum business impact,” said Saurabh Parmar, Founder and CEO, Brandlogist Communications. Chi, which translates into happiness, was made the idea behind the campaign. By #spreadingchi on Twitter, Brandlogist viewed “the basic idea behind the campaign was to actually make people happy instead of just having it as part of our tagline or a cute vision/positioning statement.”

Sohrab Sitaram, Founder and Owner, Soulfeed Hopitalities that runs Chi Kitchen & Bar, said, “In our continuous quest for differentiation in the food and beverage industry and our vision of creating out of the box campaigns, we tried to amalgamate Twitter and Chi effectively, the idea being the birth of an ‘emotional connect’ with Chi leading to stronger loyalty, increased spend, new customers, increased frequency of visits, and favourable word-of-mouth.”

“The campaign ensured that the “social aspect” was addressed and not forgotten, which happens all the time, in the determined vision and pursuit of the cause, that is, the bottom line,” Sohrab added.

The tech team at the brand consultancy searched for tweets from Delhi with specific keywords such as angry, bored, sad and hungry. Once such tweets were located, “we replied to their distressed tweets with funny quotes, pictures, videos or whatever it would take to bring a smile to their faces. Once we had the conversations going, we understood what they liked from our menu options, thus making them aware of the brand in detail, and giving the same specific items at huge discounts ranging from 30-80 per cent. In certain cases we gave them discounts on the whole food bill,” informed Parmar.

Needless to say most of those spoken to were pleasantly surprised and 96 per cent of them responded back with positive, happy tweets steadily converging into final business apart from great brand awareness. “In a day and age where the biggest of brands are talking about happiness, we believe making your customers happy needs to go beyond a cute tagline or a fancy ad but in actually understanding what they need and delightfully surprising them,” concluded Parmar.

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