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JK Super Cement launches campaign with Virender Sehwag

Conceptualized by Basic4, the television commercial is on air currently; watch the TVC here.

JK Super Cement launches campaign with Virender Sehwag

Conceptualized by Basic4, the television commercial is on air currently; watch the TVC here.

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | August 12, 2011

This is a tale of jodu+ fodu! Wondering, who are they! Well, one is the smasher of the Indian cricket team (fodu), while the other one is an ace brand in the cement industry (jodu).  After the hugely successful last campaign, wherein a woman in red swimming suit (the packaging colour of the brand) swiftly comes out of the sea, and says, ‘Vishwas hai isme Kuch Khaas hai’, the sales of the brand grew by 36%.This time, JK Super Cement has roped in Virender Sehwag on board.

The new commercial revolves around Sehwag’s cricket demeanour, being displayed in a village. A TV reporter present at the venue catches villager’s reaction, wherein the natives have a resolution to the destruction caused by when the cricketer plays in his full swing. And that resort being JK super cement or jodu!

The TVC is the brainchild of Basic4, a Delhi-based advertising agency. Talking to, , Mayank Gaur, CD, Basic4 says about the campaign, “When we bought Sehwag with us for the brand, then there were two ways to execute the TVC. One was to recite poems about how he is a star performer or the other route was to interestingly knit a story around the cricketer and the brand. Thus we came up with this idea that if Sehwag will come and play in your neighbourhood then, the villagers has to protect their walls from smashing by using JK super Cement”


The creative team had approached the client with a total of three ideas, and after the presentations and brainstorming sessions; finally this plot was zeroed in.

To add a gleam of realistic touch to the commercial, the ad was shot at a village called Bahadurgarh in Haryana,  very close to the home-town of Sehwag. Infact, Mayank shares an incident where the uproar of the crowd went overboard as he gushes, “Since Sehwag hails from the near-by place, the villagers love for him made it difficult for us to shoot. So much so, that at one point, Sehwag had to snatch the mike from the director and address the audience present at the spot, in their native language (Haryanvi). He promised the villagers, that if they let the shooting happen smoothly, Sehwag would spend some quality time with them after the completion of the shoot.”

Directed by Hemant Bhandari from Chrome films, the TVC was shot in a tight schedule. As Sehwag was leaving for the Test series between England & India, and had just a single Sunday to spare.

Furthermore, Mayank also reveals that on the sets, during one of the shots, Sehwag actually balled over the face of the actor, performing as TV anchor, leaving her face all-swollen up.

Despite all odds, the commercial was wrapped up in an 8 hrs schedule with 10-12 days post-production events.

This commercial is a first in the series of communication that the agency has planned for the brand. Going forward, the creative agency is also contemplating to leverage the brand association to Sehwag to various CSR initiatives taken by the company.

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