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Airtel charts out the friendship way in latest brand campaign

Crafted by Taproot India, the TVC is catching on the frenzy fast among audiences; watch the TVC here.

Airtel charts out the friendship way in latest brand campaign

Crafted by Taproot India, the TVC is catching on the frenzy fast among audiences; watch the TVC here.

Neha Sariya | Delhi | August 23, 2011:

What all possible reasons can you think off for a friendship? To pay your canteen bills, or to help you out sneak out from college hostel or to lend you a bike?! Whatever it is, the bottom-line is that this human emotion is existent in our lives as any other important relationship. And bringing the same idea forward, telecom major, Airtel has unveiled its new brand communiqué, ‘har friend zaroori hai, yaar’.

While the AOR for the brand is JWT, this particular campaign is the brain-child of Taproot India. The TVC that broke out last week on-Air is the manifestation to the different roles that friends play in one’s life knitted in a catchy and tongue- murmuring jingle.

Speaking about the campaign, Agnello Dias (Aggi), Chairman & Co-Founder TapRoot India avers,“We stumbled on this while talking to many teenagers across the country. That as you grow older your family becomes more like your friend. We have more relaxed, comfortable, friendlier relationships with in-laws, parents, extended family etc. BUT when you're in your teens, your friends are your only family. You live and die for them.”


Thus as they say, that it takes all types to make the world, but it takes all kinds of friends to complete the circle of life, the agency zeroed in the idea of a lyrical commercial  that embedded the different facets appealing to the youth of today.

The catchy jingle has been penned down by Amitabh Bhattacharya (Dev D fame), whilst the tune is of famous Bollywood compser, Ram Sampath, whose latest flick is Delhi Belly.

Santosh Padhi (Paddy), Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder, Taproot India exclaims the reason behind choosing this subject as he exclaims, “The objective set was clearly to make the brand tone and voice younger by several notches but without alienating the rest of the world. So while the brand had to retain its larger life truth core we interpreted contemporary philosophy as the new brand voce going forward.”

The commercial was shot all over Mumbai in the middle of the torrential rains. Thus it took around four odd weeks for the agency to garnish the finishing touches to the commercial.  As there are several versions of the TVC including the 100 seconds to several break downs and edited adaptation.

Since its a TVC based on the theme of friendship, Aggy and Paddy shared that during the shoot, an entire eco-system of new friendship circles among the cast cropped in as the entire crew was submerged heavily in this emotion.

Besides a TV spot, the agency has also released a fully fledged thematic national outdoor campaign in eight languages.  And that’s not all, as Taproot as some more activity planned for the brand as Paddy gushes, “Well this is the new brand space as of now. So anything we or anyone else does should be rooted in this space. There will be more stuff for sure. But what exactly, you will have to wait and watch.”

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The telecom giant went under a re-branding exercise last year with a promotion of its offerings, including mobile commerce and 3G services.

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