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Global Advertisers Expands To Metros

One of the leading OOH giants reveals plans for the first quarter of the year; eyes to grow by 30%.

Global Advertisers Expands To Metros

One of the leading OOH giants reveals plans for the first quarter of the year; eyes to grow by 30%.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 3, 2011

This year the real estate industry and the overall economy, would justify the real sense of the word revived business for everyone. FMCG companies and the real estate industry have sprung back and hence big spends have been allocated for outdoor, which has received a good share in the marketing pie and apart from regular advertisers.

Which is why, Global Advertisers, one of the leading OOH giants, have bagged many new clients. Brands are eager to go all out and use innovative ways to reach out to their consumers.

As for Global advertisers, be it last year, this or the coming years, display innovations and optimum utilization of budgets for our clients have been an important aspect and hence we have constantly added new technologies like Solar Energy run Billboards with LED display. Plus Solar panels and wind turbines are attached to the frame of hoardings. As a result, thousands of hoarding in Mumbai or across nation won’t be need a single watt of fuel-based electricity.

The outdoor business in India though at a nascent stage yet, has become a 22,000 crore industry. And this year Global Advertisers has designed a unique, customized media plan for each and every sector.

The Chairman of Global Advertisers, Sanjeev Gupta says that at the end of financial year, banking, finance and real estate sectors have started investing in outdoors to reach their target group. Also, Global Advertisers is enjoying continuous business directly from clients rather than only advertising agencies. Therefore a guaranteed 200 % client growth is estimated by the end of 2011. No wonder, we are expanding our branches to major cities and metros”

Global Advertisers believes that Telecom Industry has been consistently increasing its outdoor media spent. In 2011, between 40 and 45 percent of the total outdoor advertising space will be consumed by Telecom companies. According to research amongst the major spenders, cellular operators and networks in India have been big spenders in the outdoor media for the last 10-15 years.

Now, to be heard loud, clear and send a strong, sales-driven message, Global Advertisers has high-quality, attention-grabbing outdoor solutions like:

Premium Hoardings at strategic locations, Railway media, Bus media, pole kiosks, , signage’s, tree guards, inflatable’s, a flyover spanning a kilometer having approximately 120 lampposts, road dividers with signage put up on the railings.

Where hoardings are disallowed, other utilities like gantries, neon signs, glow sign and street furniture are utilized, Global Advertisers made special Outdoor Solutions for Banking & Finance Industry.

The first quarter of the calendar year is a reminder call for Tax payments, Investments, Policies as the financial year comes to an end. During this period, Banking & Financial firms hugely invest in OOH to influence potential customers.

This year Global Advertisers has introduced cost-effective combination of ATL and BTL activities to give the desired result to the clients. This combination includes flagship service of hoardings, mobile vans, street furniture and ground level activities like back packs, look walkers, Lit balloons, public utility and many more.

Global Advertisers introduced innovative ways for Real-Estate:

The Real Estate Market analysis clearly indicates an exceptional increase in residential and commercial requirements. Global Advertisers specializes in media mix plan which are designed for real-estate centric communication. Like larger-than life images on hoardings - highly visible from very far corners of the city.

Bright, well-illuminated giant-sized display concepts targeting city’s bustling night life, have earned Global Advertisers many new real estate clients recently.

Brand Building and Awareness Initiatives for Global Advertisers:

To reach out to the above and other sectors, Global Advertisers would engage in heavy marketing and advertising activities. Spending around 20 percent in branding exercise (8% TV & 12% Print).

Global Advertisers CSR Initiatives:

An essential component of corporate social responsibility is to care for the community. The OOH giant endeavors to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economic, educational and health initiatives. Its commitment to address important societal needs extends throughout philanthropic outreach programs driven by the Global Advertisers.

It has established Karunanjali to provide school education to the children in the slums of Mumbai city.

Global Advertisers has been associated with several social issues of national concern like- AIDS Awareness, Blood Donation, Terrorism, Save Tigers, Go Green , Don’t Drink and Drive, E-Waste, Save Water, Pollution and many more. As an extension of our social responsibility we countinue to support NGOs like, Save the Children, Harmony Foundation, Rotary Club, ISKON, Mijwan Charitable Trust ,Lions Club, PETA, Goonj for their fund raising initiatives.

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