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Movie Review: Salman Khan's Bodyguard

Yeh film entertaining kam hai aur ghaseeti zayada hai.

By Jyotsna Kumar

What Salman Khan does on screen is best known to him and his fans. Otherwise how else would you explain that a guy traveling towards North via local train quickly jumps over, somersaults, hops on a train going in opposite direction because he needs to be in South on ASAP basis. And if that’s not enough then picture this, round of bullets are being fired towards Salman but he manages to dodge them all by running in circular motion, how? I can’t answer but will definitely pause for a question here – why on earth the enemy side carefully recruits only worst of snipers? Is it their fault or logic just seems to defy itself whenever it comes to the great Rajnikanth and Salman Khan magic on- screen? As one takes over South cinema, the latter commands Bollywood precisely.

Bodyguard is all about Salman Khan. It’s shot like those galm-sham video shoots of a music album, the songs were at least; and despite that it fails on the very basic ground- story to begin with and screenplay to follow. Honestly there was no concept of story and screenplay in this film. But if you still want to enquire then I have to console you with this only- jaise hi pata lagega aapko bataa denge. And if you say are you kidding me? Do you really care about story in Salman Khan flicks? Then I know where you’re heading- the action sequences too sucks in this film. It doesn’t bring out Salman’s real strengths. It moves at the lighting speed and failed to capture the OOH! AAH! AND OUCH! reaction from its audience. And now again at this point I have a question for Salman- You are a hunk. You have six pack abs. Your body looks great for which you have made all possible, impossible efforts even at this age, Bravo!  Then why you need to create a persona like Rajnikanth? Why can’t you perform stunts that dazzle us completely? Why you need special effects for that? Come on go hit a solid punch that doesn’t involve any effects. Please show what your body is capable of instead of relying on visual effects completely. Salman please own up to the macho guy image that you have created by throwing some real action- and I meant in reel life only.

Coming back to Bodyguard- the film offers nothing beyond good looks both by Salman and Kareena and some pleasant musical tracks by Pritam and Himesh. The comic relief provided in the name of ‘Tsunami’ (literally) was a pain.  His humour was half baked- neither cheap nor funny. Bodyguard is yet another obituary post Rajnikanth’s hall of fame that may ‘Newton’s law of gravitation’ rest in PIECES… ahem! Apology- I meant in peace. I recommendBodyguard to those who are suffering from insomnia- book a comfortable seat and then doze off for three hours, non-stop with air conditioners on….bliss!!!

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Comments (36)
  • babu- 9 years ago

    I saw this movie with 10 other people and everybody liked it.please do not read the review,there are fake or somebody paid them to do the review.Bodyguard is great for your date.

  • anhad- 9 years ago

    very best movie salman khan you are best hero

  • sajith- 9 years ago

    mr Jyotsna Kumar u r a idiot ... 1000 idiots shame on u .

  • Chanjit- 9 years ago

    fuck off with this review.........this review must be done by some nonsense that its not being read and commented...the reviewer must be a bull shit person who hates salman and salman's work........BODYGUARD is really a beautiful picture..its gonna be the biggest hit ever...

  • Ernest Demp- 9 years ago

    This is one of the smartest reviews ever. I enjoy the line "Bodyguard is yet another obituary post Rajnikanth’s hall of fame that may ‘Newton’s law of gravitation’ rest in PIECES". For some time, I have been looking at these movie trailers with ridicule that show cars and rikshaws and poeople flying in air by the mere twinkling of the hero's eyes. So very well criticized.

  • shaik- 9 years ago

    dont mind this review,this is a paid review .i think he didnt see the movie,otherwise he did something in the theatre.shame on you.

  • amit- 9 years ago

    good movie, everyone should watch it. Kitni bhi koshish kar lo media waalon aaj aakhir tumko hi sallu ki jaroorat pad gayi, sallu rocks. Bodyguard rocks. Jyotsna Kumar (u r sick) luv u salman

  • amit- 9 years ago

    mr Jyotsna Kumar is a sick person. I think u pls go to some mental hospital or i have one more option go to salman and request him, he will definitely pay ur medical bills as he helps the needy ones. Bodyguard Gr8 movie, salman rock. Fuck off all medial waalon aakhir aa gaye na saalu ke pairon pe.

  • sm- 9 years ago

    today will seen bg fall badly boxoffice.

  • chulbul_lov- 9 years ago

    Please don't shout at Jyotsna Kumar, he has recently lost his brain and became insane, mental pagal hogaya hai.... Chulbul ki hits bardash nahi horahi hai..... wanted, dabangg, ready and now bodyguard....all time blockbusters....Jyotsna Kumar became pagal and recently had mental therapy... Hospital staff is seriously searching for him...please if any body finds him please hand over to the Mental Hospital......please save the society orelse he may bark all such type of nonsense.......what he said above is all mental barking, beware dont read the above reveiw, he needs some mental therapy...god save him....

  • Akki- 9 years ago

    Joytsa Jo chalta hai woh chalte rehta hai aur rahega. Apni puchi beech mein daal, Sallu rocks u go n smell his socksa ha ha ha

  • amit- 9 years ago

    hey i think she ddnt watch d movie n slept durin it datz y dis idiotic review... HOPELESS CRITIC

  • polythene p- 9 years ago

    the movie made me puke. and all the brainless people who loved the movie are making me puke still. its like flies attracted to dung. so enjoy the shit...

  • rahul shriv- 9 years ago

    I think you are wathcing movie like A english teacher is checking copy of a primary student's copy.We watch movie for entertainment ,which it offers fully :)

  • ms not mr- 9 years ago

    Review is ok, I agree with Jyotsnaji. After the excellent movie that was Dabangg, this film was really overhyped and little boring. Salman can do a lot more better films, and for god's sake next time please dont put that trashy Kareena opposite him. By the way, all of you "sallu fans" need to learn that "Jyotsna" is a girl's name, I guess you would have known this simple fact if your heads were not buried deep inside sallu's ass

  • janhavi jai- 9 years ago

    the first half of the movie was good...but the second half of the movie i felt i was watching some family drama on TV...sorry but i liked dubbang much better

  • mube- 9 years ago

    watched this movie today, absolutely fantastic, if you want to watch the movie, despite not a big fan, YOU WILL LOVE THE MOVIE, dont go with the review, just watch the movie, i wont think twice to watch the movie again one of the best performance from Salman Khan,

  • kdnp- 9 years ago

    SRK sey kitney paisey lieye

  • naumaan- 9 years ago

    i am one of the most fan of u i realy admired in your company full of joys i having a thout with you are yar shadhi karo na bhut hein tumhare pheche

  • muks- 9 years ago

    The worst ever movies samen as the tees maar khan...n completely agree with you Jyotsana... NO plot,bkwas fights, Kareeena enters like she doing a soap add.,,

  • sana- 9 years ago

    best movie i love bodygyard oh the best movie o the year

  • Vikash Narw- 9 years ago

    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DOLBY- 9 years ago


  • ashish jain- 9 years ago

    climax me maja aa gaya yaar lagatar 4 blockbusters sirf sallu hi de sakta hai srk nahi

  • Qasim- 9 years ago

    Jyotsna Kumar is a big fool...!! :P lgta hai iski mom ne isay pics dekhna ni sikhaya...!!

  • chandan- 9 years ago

    R u paid to writr this by sharukh

  • AJIN...COCH- 9 years ago

    Excellent movie... Highly romantic movie with Highly action packed. salmankhan's acting awesome. kareena is ok!! Gud comedies...!!! what a sentiments..!!! Really Loved this movie...ALL IN ONE PACK.!!!

  • badal- 9 years ago

    bodyguard is very good movie. this movie gone *****

  • ruheena- 9 years ago

    oh! my god, its absolutely awesome movie, jitni bar dekhi utni bar kam lagti h, i saw dis movie 7times, last time to ppcket money hi khatam ho gayi, but its ok salman k liye kuch b karega

  • ruheena- 9 years ago

    oh!my god its awesome movie

  • ruheena- 9 years ago

    oh my god its absolutely awesome movie & who is dis idiot i think she is totally mentally disturbed salman bhai don't mind

  • jay chaudha- 9 years ago

    this is for srk and all his fans :-no matter how hard u try to defend urself but u r going to lose the battle...there cant be any actor so mean and cheap as srk....salman is the god of bollywood

  • Americano- 9 years ago

    I liked the action packed movie. After a long hard week of work, it is good to see a flick like this because it is mindless entertainment. We like action heros that flip over trains! :) Thanks for the movie.

  • vivek- 9 years ago

    I agree with the review... when all other film indutry is going ahead then why we should go back to 80's or 90's era... very true bakwaas movie; no story; no script; are yaro better to watch offbeat low budget movie... instead of wasting time in bodyguard like hero cum supernatural hero movie..

  • SHARIQ AHMA- 9 years ago

    SALMAN Bhai Your Are Looking Good In Action Mood. Going On Your Way. BodyGaurd is Bomb Blasting Movie. ALL The Best Forn Your Next Movie "KICK".

  • Pratibha Pa- 9 years ago

    Seriously Jyotsna Kumar, You Suck... You Wrote this article with a negative perception in mind to be a good writer it is very important that you write anything with neutral mind talk about jumping on train how in the hell could you believe super heroes ? So Simply.. Wake Up ..!! This is how it is done in movies..!! and the site owner kindly recruit someone efficient to do the job