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Interview: Sanjeev Singhai, Business Director, Indian sub-continent, Buchanan group

Explaining third-party advertising concept and how marketers can gain out of this information based platform.

The concept of third-party advertising, wherein the products are based on the delivery of information from a third party perspective is quite popular in the international markets, but in India, the brands are yet to leverage the platform. The advantages of this form of advertising rests in the fact that it not only allows consumers to make more informed choices in the products and services that they buy but also act as a sales driver for the companies.

Australia based, Buchanan group, is few among the agencies in India that deliver such premium, branded advertising vehicles to big brands in the country. The media products used for this includes Power Brand, Zoot and Medifacts etal. From creating catalogues to sampling solutions, web-based advertising, along with new media advertising solutions, the agency does it all...

In conversation with Neha Saraiya, Sanjeev Singhai, Business Director, Indian sub-continent, Buchanan group attempts to break the code of this concept to consumers and brands and how marketers can gain out of this information based platform...

Q) Your products are based on the delivery of information from a third party perspective. Kindly elaborate.

Ans) Over the last 22 years, we have nurtured the art of delivering to consumers, factual and relevant information about products from a third party perspective without impacting on brand equity or creative messages. Research shows, that we are not seen as if the brand is talking to the consumers, as it does in its regular advertising but consumer sees them as information coming from a third party.

Q)  What about the issue of validity or authenticity of the third party perspective? How do you counter it?

Ans) The hallow effect of third party gets created due to the bandwidth of brand which appear every now and then on TV commercial using our formats. All claims made in our TV Commercials are substantiated by our client. We have no plans to promote our brand in masses.

Q)  This is relatively a newer platform in India. How do you plan to spread awareness for it?

Ans) We are more than 4 years old now in India and have produced more than 50 TV commercials based on our formats for Indian client like HUL,J&J, Cadbury, ITC, Jyothi Lab, Paras Pharma etc. Thus it’s through our clients and work only that we aim to spread a word in the market.

Q) When you say that you provide turn- key solutions in sales-driven third-party advertising, how does this process work?

Ans) we work on two formats:-

a) Factual and relevant information delivered on products from third party perspective. B)  Informed customer take critical buying decision in favor of brand advertised using our formats and unlocks the Sales and drive Trials for brand.

The effectiveness of this can be measured using AC Neilson secondary sales data.  Also, we have more than 1200 case studies from globe to support our claim.

Q)  Is delivering this kind of product in India, difficult as compared to the other markets where you operate? If yes, what are the differences?

Ans) Consumers are same globally and behaves more or less similarly. They look for good products and value for money and we help them with the necessary information. In my opinion there is no difference, the way consumer act upon after seeing our formats on TV. Like a strong call for action of our TVCs help them to make informed buying decision in favour of brand advertised.

Q) You also produce TV commercials using your proven methodologies. Kindly throw a light on few of them.

Ans) TV Commercials is the main stay of Bour group and we have different formats such as Brand Power, Zoot Review, Medifacts and 606 ProductNetworker to address the different brand challenges  and after being briefed by our clients we recommend appropriate format to our clients.

Q) What are new-media marketing solutions provided by you?

Ans) We have just launched a new social media offering called HomeTesterClub, a community for consumers to review, rate and share their unbiased experiences on NEW grocery products to assist others in making wise and smart shopping decisions.

Q)   Which are your clients in the country?

Ans) Few of our clients are Hindustan Unilever, Cadbury, Johnson &Johnson, Glaxo SmithKline, ITC, CavinKare, Jyothy Labs.

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