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NewsX Spots Delhi Bookie In the Indian Cricket Dressing Room

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Match India vs Netherlands under scanner.

NewsX Spots Delhi Bookie In the Indian Cricket Dressing Room

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Match India vs Netherlands under scanner.

New Delhi, March 11, 2011

While the whole India was engrossed and glued to their television sets watching the India vs Netherlands match at Ferozeshah Kotla on Wednesday, a known Delhi bookie was spotted by the vigilant NewsX team in the Indian dressing room. The man in question is Pradeep Agarwal, a man known for being a bookie, as well as someone who runs a sex racket.

Back in 2008, during the Delhi Daredevils vs. Rajasthan Royals match, Agarwal was spotted chatting with Delhi batsman Gautam Gambhir. Spotting him, NewsX correspondent Shekhar Luthra raised a stink and got Agarwal evicted from the stadium. At that time, Agarwal was also a junior member of the Delhi & District Cricket Association i.e. DDCA.

But now, he appears to have made a comeback as the Media Coordinator of the DDCA for the ICC World Cup 2011 and that gave him access to the Indian dressing room.

While breaking the story, the channel spoke to senior DDCA member Mr. Sameer Bahadur, who confessed that Agarwal is a known bookie and should not be allowed in the DDCA: “I know he is a bookie and a fixer, but there are many people in the DDCA with tainted pasts. People like him affect the name and reputation of the DDCA, but certain sections of the DDCA are helping him flourish.

Member of the DDCA Cricket Improvement Committee and former India cricketer Kirti Azad commented “I know the people who are helping Agarwal. I promise action against Agarwal and others like him.

NewsX Sports Editor, Mr. Shamya Dasgupta commented, ‘It was important to get the reactions from the DDCA because they confirmed that Agarwal is indeed a bookie and that certain sections of the DDCA are helping him. The question really is why are people in the DDCA backing him? He is a known bookie. How does his presence help the DDCA? Evidently this suggests hanky-panky of some sort.’

At this stage, NewsX is not aware of any fixing during the India-Netherlands game or any other World Cup game, but are confirming that the bookie/fixer was being given access to the cricketers.



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