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World Cup Opening Match Scores Well On aMap Scoreboard

With peak rating at 4, the TRPs have rubbed off all apprehensions about the world cup success.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | February 21, 2011

World cup has opened up with really good news for the sponsors. The aMap rating for the inaugural match between India and Bangladesh has brought smile on the faces of leading sponsors who have pumped in their moolah to catch viewers’ attention.

The ICC World Cup has started with a bang. The opening match has scored aMap rating of 2.12 on World Cup Channels ESPN, Star Sports and Star Cricket across India. The rating remained a bit higher in top 6 metros where the inaugural match has garnered a TRP of 2.28 points.

The aMap data says 18.8 Million people on World Cup channels and 20 Million people on DD saw the opening encounter featuring India in a devastating display of batting.

The ratings have rubbed off all apprehensions about the world cup success and have shut all the mouths who said that the cricket World Cup has lost its sheen. The peak ratings of inaugural match touched 4.0 in Top 6 Metros.

India-Australia practice match got 0.4 ratings and India-New Zealand practice match got 0.6 Ratings, where as the first match of the world cup took a jump and scored 2.12 Ratings.

Little bit of nervousness is still therein the companies that have stake in the World Cup — be it LG, Pepsi, Sony or so many others. Part of the caution is because of India’s dismal show in the previous World Cup in 2007.

If opening match rating are to be taken as indicator for the yet to be played world cup matches, then sponsors have many reasons to cheer for.  The time spent for opening match per viewer was as high as 85 minutes per viewer which is very high compared to practice matches before world cup.  India-Australia was 50 minutes and India-New Zealand was 52 minutes, so there is a jump of 70% in time spent per viewer.

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