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Patrika Attempts To Reduce 3D Effect Of Dainik Bhaskar

Jaipur edition of Patrika carries a 3D picture without 3D viewing glasses just after Dainik Bhaskar announced all 3D issue on 4th November.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | November 2, 2010

Dainik Bhaskar Jaipur is all set to make history with a 3D dominant edition to give its readers a new experience and interface. The newspaper will publish about 25 plus 3D advertisement on 4th November.

For the experience Dainik Bhaskar will distribute  3.5 lakh plus 3D glasses to the readers. To ensure that all the readers enjoy this and the glasses reach the houses, a parallel teaser cum educative communication campaign is being  executed.

While the newspaper is making all the efforts for the successful execution of its upcoming all 3D issue, another leading newspaper of the state Rajasthan Patrika went all the way to take the credit by carrying a single 3D picture on 31st October. The move by Patrika was so instant that it had just mentioned the process to view the 3D picture and could not distribute the 3D viewing glasses to its readers to view the picture.

Reacting sharply on Rajasthan Patrika's move, industry experts have termed it as  a desperate move to sabotage Dainik Bhaskar's efforts and have emphasized that this is not going to hamper Bhaskar's  efforts in any manner. Rather Patrika has left the negative impression by getting into unhealthy practice which readers too understand very well.

The experts opined that such moves from the competition are always anticipated hence any big activity remains top secret till the end. In this particular case, Patrika could not gain any point because such a large scale execution requires a long term planning with huge infrastructure and anything below the expectation harms the reputation instead.

However, there is no comparison between Dainik Bhaskar's all 3D edition and a single 3D picture by Rajasthan Patrika but it is interesting to see the another war in Jaipur between top two newspapers where Patrika tried to take the first movers' advantage by publishing a 3D picture just after the announcement by Dainik Bhaskar that it is all set to bring an all 3D edition in the city.

It is necessary to mention that the 3D innovation was first done by MiD DAY in July this year for UTV Action.

A 3D image in Rajasthan Patrika on 31st October.

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  • natbohi- 11 years ago

    what a ridiculous idea! This 3d pic thing... Hope they will not extend it to ads... Imagine my consumers scrambling for 3d spects to get my message !