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Grey Bakes Delicious Campaign For Britannia Cakes

Grey conceptualizes the TVC with the tagline Britannia Cakes for Goodness Sake. Watch the TVC here.

Hitesh Ranot | Delhi | November 10, 2010

Britannia is all set to prove that their cakes are full of goodness with their new commercial by Grey India. The Britannia TVC brings to light the goodness of cakes with a campaign that shows how a Britannia cake is made from the healthiest of ingredients, which include milk, eggs and fruit.

The ad shows young Varun being followed into his school bus by a cow.  Just as he’s settling down, his mother stops the bus to hand him a hen through the window. The hen then proceeds to lay an egg on his lap. You see Varun making his way in to school, hen in one hand, egg in the other and the cow waddling behind. Later, when he’s sitting in the class, two peons bring him fruit on a “big fruit tree”, which was obviously sent by his mother. The ad then goes on to announce that all these healthy ingredients (milk, eggs and fruit) are found in one place - Britannia cakes.


Malvika Mehra, National Creative Director – Grey, says “There was a very clear brief for Britannia Cakes. The client wanted to shift it from a ‘special moments indulgence’ to a ‘healthy wholesome everyday snack’ space. Coming to think of it, when one looks at the ingredients that go into a Britannia Cake, they are naturally healthy and wholesome (milk, eggs, fruits etc.) so honestly our task was very simple – we just had to glorify this fact. We dramatized the ingredient story and decided to tell it via a cow (for milk), a hen (for eggs) and a tree (for fruit)! It turned out to be a mad, chaotic shoot with us trying to get the cow inside the bus with 50 school kids, but as I was telling Anu (the client), ‘We’ve never had more fun doing a product window for any client!’ The whole film is that honestly - an interesting product window! Client khush. And in this case, hum bhi khush. Hope the film works the magic we all want it to.”

Amit Akali, National Creative Director – Grey, says, “Just like in the nursery rhyme ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’, our protagonist, Varun has various things (a cow, a hen and a fruit tree) following him to school. We thought it would be interesting to bring alive a rhyme that all of us have sung at some point or the other. So we decided to do our very own rendition of Mary had a Little Lamb,  albeit a folk version with thumkas, et all. Amar Mangrulkar, the music director, arranged for Raghuvir Yadav to sing it and that really took it to another level”.

Through this commercial, Britannia seeks to break the cliché of cakes being considered as unhealthy. Britannia is attempting to create top of mind recall in the ‘healthy treat’ category.

Credits: Creative: Amit Akali / Malvika Mehra - National Creative Directors

Servicing: Vijay Jacob – Vice President, South Sumanth Cuppala – Client Servicing Director Amarendra Singh – Client Servicing Director Vidya Panicker – Associate Account Director Raghavendra M N


Bindu Sethi -Chief Strategy Officer APAC Shweta Khosla -Director Planning

Films Department: Sharad Shinde

Director: Shivendra Singh Dungarpur

Music: Amar Mangrulkar

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