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CWG Opening Ceremony: Doordarshan Ruins Historical Moments

From the annoying long ad breaks to the deferred telecast, DD stabbed the joy of TV audience with the terrible telecast of the greatest ever CWG opening ceremony.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | October 4, 2010

The BBC termed it as equal to the Beijing Olympics, the Sky news asserted that it was better than the Beijing games and the audience watching it live in the stadium said that it was once in a lifetime event but for the Indian TV viewers it was a sour experience as the Host broadcaster Doordarshan spoiled the whole ceremony with the long and ill-timed ad breaks.

The advertisements were placed at a time when the show was in full momentum. For most of the people the half screen ads during the major performances became problem. Even on twitter people were annoyed. Senior journalist Maya Mirchandani tweeted, “Meanwhile Rosaiah pops up on screen when there is varsha ritu dance going on. Arogyashree ad. Oh for god's sake yaar”. Samar Halarnkar, Managing Editor, Hindustan Times, also couldn’t stop himself from criticizing Doordarshan. He tweeted, “Some invocation to allah started and DD cuts to ads again! Running out of abuses for DD”.

All this didn’t stop with ads only; the Dooordarshan commentators also contributed their bit in ruining the flavor of opening ceremony. With their constant talking during the musical event, it became hard for the viewers to listen to the background score. On this senior NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan tweeted, “Overall: fantastic ceremony! Just the best. Cons: DD commentary and ads”. Mid Day’s Editor Abhijit Majumder also tweeted, “Also, who selects commentators for DD? Who? Needs to be investigated”.

The problems with Doordarshan did not end here. The last but not the least, the telecast of the opening ceremony was delayed by 55 minutes. That means the whole world finished watching the ceremony much before than we did. So for the host country the joy of watching the opening ceremony live was trashed by the public broadcaster.

Doordarshan, which has the domestic broadcast rights for the 2010, has hired of UK for production of the commonwealth Games in high definition (HD) TV format. SIS Live (Satellite Information Service) is Europe's largest outside broadcast (OB) and uplink supplier.

As we Indians live on hope, let’s hope that the Doordarshan will learn from its mistakes and the telecast of the games will be smooth with better ad placement.

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Comments (8)
  • media devil- 9 years ago

    I think we have started learning the criticism over anything else. I was so awestruck seeing the quality of broadcast which has never been by any private broadcasters ever. I feel Doordarshan has done great things and they need to put ads as money has to be earned to stay in the business. Guys start appeasing what you have rather than always criticising.

  • Sravanan- 9 years ago

    I disagree with this devil. For a world level competition, DD should be at par with world's other broadcasters. Build and break the momentum was only seen during the telecast. Quality of the coverage was actually good except some ill prepared camera work.

  • media devil- 9 years ago

    Sravanan, I have seen 1000s of hours of sport event and I think other than the host everything was fine. We know how set max shows the ad after every ball during ipl and we dont complain. I know how the sports channel have more ad airtime than the actual content during the premium games. Try to be proud of your nation. You live, eat, breath this country and also talk negative. You must have seen how international media is praising india for this great opening ceremony and you guys sitting here got no business but to condemn as you may not have made some bucks out of this.

  • Sravanan- 9 years ago

    The ceremony is termed even better than Beijing Olympics because we deserve it. I hope, everyone in this country is proud including you. I'm also a reader like you so do not try to deviate the matter of discussion.

  • Regina- 9 years ago

    Shame, Shame on the National Broadcaster. Cant live up to the Occasion.We were also deprived since the telecast was not available on other channels

  • aditi- 9 years ago

    Shame...DD will not leave any opportunity to make money.....the ads ended up making fools of viewers....Ambika Soni should be made accountable...

  • natbohi- 9 years ago

    this is the problem with your readers /our viewers...they are so jingoistic that if you ask dd to improve, they believe you are criticising the country! if you suggest politicians should be more responsive to people's needs,they will think you are either criticising the country or the congress/ruling party...and they think these two/three are one and the same!such narrow minded people are so stuck up in their nationalism , that they actually become anti-national...becos they don't allow the nation to progress...

  • Ajay- 9 years ago

    Shame on DD. Organising committee actually tried to manipulated every opportunity of making money. They didn't realize that this even was not only meant for the people who paid for watching.