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Ab Pepsi Se... Dil Kya Mange

By: Archan Banerjee

Pepsi campaigns are some things that most marketers irrespective of categories look forward to with great interest…. Possibly because of its legendary past campaigns like ‘Yeh Dil Mange More’ which struck a cord so deep that it became synonyms with the Pepsi brand till date or Pepsi’s ‘Nothing Official About It’ campaign which gave the world of commercial a whole new meaning.

Even in Pakistan the success of ‘Dil Mange More’ theme was adopted under ‘Dil Hai Toh Maango’.

Maybe it is just me or something that we all feel…. That Pepsi post the above campaigns are trying way too hard to make its creative impact felt but just can not seem to get it right.

It started with Pepsi Blue campaigns with blue billion trains with its massive PR activities around it along with ‘Aaaya India’ campaign. It was then followed by ‘Yeh Pyas Hai Bari’ campaign which featured the bubbly ads as the main creative magnifier.

Well after that, I am not sure…. Was it Pepsi TV?..... or Pepsi Cafechino ads or was it the other way round? Was Pepsi TV an extension of bubbly commercial? Or was it an independent one?

I forget, but we all remember the teaser of Pepsi TV and the built up of expectation that Pepsi might be launching a channel possibly for the youth, if that is what Pepsi was aiming for.

For Pepsi Caféchino variant commercials with Priyanka Chopra & Kareena Kapoor, well honestly, when did that happen again?

Then let us run into the more recent, the Youngistan commercial started with Ranbir & Deepika getting introduced as the latest brand ambassador along with Sharukh Khan…. Then for some time Youngistan ran with SRK & John Abraham for ‘My Pepsi My Can’ under its broad umbrella or was it? Then SRK was totally dropped all together.

Then there are series of Dhoni & other cricketers featuring in the follow up commercial with the tag line ‘My Pepsi My Way’.

Now Pepsi has come up with ‘Pepsi Youngistan Ka Wow’ with its president & followed by the game series to engage its audience with through SMS and while hoping that people might like the ad too.

In my opinion Pepsi seems to be out of ideas and are trying anything & everything which might work, the plot is completely lost.

The recent commercial is another desperate attempt to break the clutter. Where is the activation on emotional imagery which Pepsi is famous for? Their marketing standards once used to define other categories as well, but not any more. ‘Ab Pepsi Se Dil Kya Mange’, not really sure.

Both at a creative level & planning a consistent theme needs to be developed for Pepsi, to recreate the emotional connect, if not, it might become extremely difficult for them to regain there lost status.


*Views Expressed here are personal. The writer can be reached at

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