How has the mattress category changed from a commodity to a brand?

Ganapathy Viswanathan, Independent Communication Consultant, has shared his insights on the mattress industry and traced its journey from being a commodity to being a brand category worth investing in

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New Delhi: At least two decades back the concept of branded mattress slowly emerged. Otherwise, this category was mostly unorganised, where one would go to their trusted neighbourhood mattress shop to buy the mattress. 

There is a large number of local and regional players who dominate this category still, where price still plays a key factor in deciding to buy a certain type of mattress which can also be customised. 

But today, the concept of buying and using a mattress has transformed hugely. People are thinking beyond comfort. While design and color still are important, they are now looking at mattresses as sleep solutions for the well-being of their health. 

Post covid the market has changed for mattress and brands are offering a wide range of products with advanced features. 

Growing Market:

The India Mattress Market size is estimated at USD 2.13 billion in 2024, and is expected to reach USD 3.21 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 8.54% during the forecast period (2024-2029). 

In rupee terms the market is estimated around Rs 15,000 crores. The growth of the Indian mattress market is being driven by an increase in income levels, a rise in health consciousness, and expansion in the real estate and hospitality sectors. 

Actually, post covid with many cases of mental health has led to people moving to scientifically designed mattresses with advanced features to get good and peaceful night sleep for at least 6 hours. 

Mattresses are no longer seen as just consumer goods; they are now seen as a reflection of one's quality of life with health in mind. 

Transformation into a brand: 

In the earlier days, one trusted their neighbourhood mattress shop to buy their mattress. And you trusted him a lot. But the dynamics have changed and today brands are talking about sleep solutions and are thinking beyond the basic benefit of comfort. 

All mattress brands are keen that they are part of the consideration set through their aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns. Emphasis is given more to experiential marketing to allow the customer to experience the product at the point of sale. 

With the young population growing and becoming more educated, they look beyond the point of comfort when buying a mattress. Brands are therefore offering very advanced features like monitoring one’s sleep to finding solutions for their mental health. 

Everyone is trying to introduce innovative solutions and modern features by building in sensors in the product to stay differentiated. 

From comfort to sleep: 

Importance of sleep has become so important to protect one’s mental health. In the last couple of years, so many branded mattresses have entered the market. 

Post and during covid, there was a spurt in branded mattresses suddenly becoming visible. 

A good night’s sleep is a luxury but in today’s fast paced life many are deprived of good sleep. Pouncing on this value proposition are many brands who are positioning their brands as a sleep solution product and offering advanced features in the various types of  mattresses they make and market. 

Sleep is precious and a good night's sleep is what gives everyone that energy to perform in each day of their life. 

A new buying experience: 

Gone are the days one goes to a traditional mattress outlet to buy a mattress. One can now experience and make their decision by going through the online channels. The product today is sold both online and offline. 

The brand has also made the online purchase journey very engaging that one gets to know everything they want to know about the product. One may miss the look and feel of the product but are close to what they get in a traditional outlet. 

Even at the outlets today brands have created a great ambience to enjoy that experience about the products. Since there is a lot of innovation in this category, a firsthand demonstration both online and offline will add value to the customer’s experience to make his final decision. 

Brand communication: 

Brands are no longer talking about just comfort and design. The dynamics have changed and today brands are talking about “SLEEP SOLUTIONS AND INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS” supported with advanced features in all their campaigns. 

All mattress brands are keen that they are part of the consideration set through their aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns demonstrating the product benefits which will provide solutions to the end consumer.  

To be top of mind and highly visible they are signing up with reputed celebrities to be noticed easily. Sometime back Duroflex signed up cricketer Virat Kohli and recently actor Anil Kapoor was roped in by The Sleep Company. 

The power of celebrity will always work in India if you have a strong idea and you are able to leverage the celebrity to the maximum. 

Lack of good sleep has been the challenge post the covid and mattress brands are very smart and clever to tap that vacant position. 

As per a recent report over 60% of the Indians get less than 6 hours of continuous sleep and one of the things that help in your good sleep is the use of a quality mattress. So, brands today are all busy conversing around the importance of good sleep and empowering individuals to make sleep paramount in the list of things for a healthy and happy living.  

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