DD News logo turns saffron

It has changed its logo colour from ruby red to saffron

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Delhi: DD News, on Tuesday, unveiled their new logo on the X platform. The channel wrote, "While our values remain the same, we are now available in a new avatar. Get ready for a news journey like never before. Experience the all-new DD News!"

"We have the courage to put: Accuracy over speed, Facts over claims, Truth over sensationalism…Because if it is on DD News, it is the truth! DD News – Bharosa Sach Ka," it added.

It has changed its logo colour from ruby red to saffron.

The redesign of the Doordarshan logo has sparked criticism from Jawhar Sircar, former CEO of Prasar Bharati and current TMC MP. The broadcaster has defended the update as simply a shift in "visual aesthetics." However, Sircar has raised concerns about the timing of the change, which coincides with the Lok Sabha elections.

The use of orange in the new logo has drawn particular scrutiny due to its association with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), commonly referred to as the "Saffron party." As a state-run channel, Doordarshan's choice to incorporate a colour so closely linked to a specific political party has led to accusations of bias.

Expressing his concerns on the social platform X, Sircar remarked, "National broadcaster Doordarshan colours its historic flagship logo in saffron! As its ex-CEO, I have been watching its saffronisation with alarm and feel — it’s not Prasar Bharati anymore, it’s Prachar (publicity) Bharati!" 

Officials noted that when Doordarshan, India’s public service broadcaster, was first launched in 1959, it featured a saffron logo. Subsequently, the logo underwent a change in colour scheme to blue, yellow, and red, but the design of two petals with a globe at the centre was retained.

Originally, the logo also included the Sanskrit phrase "Satyam Shivam Sundaram," which translates to "Truth is God and God is beautiful." This element was later removed as part of the logo's evolution over the years.

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