Colors to showcase ‘rishton ki mithaas’ in ‘Mishri’ on July 3

Starring Shruti Bhist as Mishri, Namish Taneja as Raghav, and Megha Chakraborty as Vaani, and produced by Square Productions, ‘Mishri’ premieres on July 3 and thereafter will air every day at 8:30pm on Colors

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Delhi: Colors is set to launch 'Mishri', a story that aims to bring back 'rishton ki mithaas.’  

According to the channel’s media brief, the story goes:

With circumstances playing the villain, the lives of Mishri, Vaani, and Raghav intertwine as they become each other's chosen family and emotional oasis. Armed with their dreams, they face life's hurdles, knowing that they've won the greatest jackpot – each other. In a world often marred by self-interest, their selfless regard for one another proves beyond doubt that rishte halaton se bade hote hain.

Residing in Gangapur near Mathura, Mishri is a living talisman, bringing luck to every occasion she attends. However, her own life is replete with challenges as she fights against her 'kismet ki lakeerein'. Forced to wed her middle-aged uncle by her scheming aunt, Mishri is unexpectedly rescued by Raghav, who reluctantly marries her instead, but his heart belongs to Vaani. 

Bound by gratitude and yearning for a family she can call her own, Mishri carries the secret of her marriage to Raghav and she embraces Vaani not as a rival, but as the sister fate had denied her. Raghav grapples with the herculean task of honoring his commitment to both women, while Vaani's simple wish for marital bliss hangs in the balance as Mishri becomes her best friend. This unconventional trio of Mishri, Raghav, and Vaani find strength in togetherness and become each other’s sanctuary. United by the sweetness of their unbreakable bond, will Mishri, Raghav, and Vaani overcome the bitterness of their circumstances together? 

Starring Shruti Bhist as Mishri, Namish Taneja as Raghav, and Megha Chakraborty as Vaani, and produced by Square Productions, ‘Mishri’ premieres on July 3 and thereafter will air every day at 8:30pm on Colors.

Talking about essaying the role of Mishri, Bhist said, “Mishri is the ultimate celebration of sweet relationships. She's a girl who spreads sunshine wherever she goes, but her own life is clouded by darkness and struggle. Playing this character is like walking on a tightrope of raw emotions. Mishri's journey is a reminder that even in our darkest hours, we can be someone's light, someone's hope. Through her story, 'Mishri' will emphasize on 'rishton ki mithaas’ - the sweet bonds that make life worth living, and the bittersweet sacrifices we make for them. Experience the full spectrum of emotions as Mishri navigates the complexities of love, duty, and finding her own happiness amidst the chaos. This show is going to be a delicious treat for all the viewers out there!”

Prepared to essay Raghav, Taneja said, “Unlike the tale of star-crossed lovers or a damsel in distress, Mishri is about human integrity and the sweetness of relationships. I will be seen playing Raghav, a man caught in the crossfire of duty and love. This character made me think about how far one can go to keep their word. He respects Mishri, yet his heart belongs to Vaani, and that love is the compass guiding his every decision. Raghav's struggle isn't about choosing between two women, it's about honouring the promises he's made to both. To Mishri, he owes protection and respect, to Vaani, his heart and future.”

Portraying the role of Vaani, Chakraborty said, “Vaani is the embodiment of a modern, self-assured woman who doesn't settle for less than she deserves. What makes Vaani truly special is that she uplifts and empowers Mishri. She represents the beautiful solidarity among women, showing how we can support each other even in complex situation. Through Vani's character, the show explores the idea that sometimes the most beautiful families are the ones we create ourselves, not the ones we're born into. Her unapologetic pursuit of happiness is going to be a gamechanger for relationship goals on Indian television!”