Venacava Designs crafts designs for Gopala’s Goposthik

Expanding on the design choices, Deb elaborated on how the team derived inspiration from traditional values, not only for the monogram but also for the typography

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New Delhi: Gopala, a FMCG brand, diversified its offerings with its new venture, Goposthik. 

Venacava Designs undertook the challenge of materialising this brand concept into a tangible identity. 

When asked about the design strategy for Goposthik, Manoj Deb, Founder and Specialist in Branding, Strategy and Design at Venacava Designs, said, "To find the perfect design balance, we started by getting to know Goposthik inside and out. We explored their goals, who they compete with, and what makes them truly unique. This involved visiting Gopala stores to see their approach firsthand, and venturing into competitor territory as well. What we discovered was that Goposthik stands out from the crowd who simply slap an 'organic' label on their products for a modern feel. It's become a tired trend.  Goposthik, however, has a deeper mission – to reconnect us with our cherished traditions, presenting them as solutions for today's challenges.  So, the heart of Goposthik's identity lies in its deep respect for tradition, a shared heritage that belongs to everyone. This insight sparked the central theme for Goposthik's design: 'Goposthik – Traditionally Yours!'”

Deb, the branding specialist at Venacava Designs, elaborated on how this idea translated into the brand's logo.  He explained, "With the core idea clear, we delved deeper into the essence of tradition itself. Goposthik's mission is all about providing pure and wholesome products grounded in wisdom passed down through generations. In a way, Goposthik is like a nurturing mother, sharing this traditional knowledge from one era to the next. This image naturally led us to consider the powerful bond between a mother and her child. Just as a mother protects her child, Goposthik safeguards and transmits the goodness of tradition. So, the inherent connection between a mother and child became the central theme of our design for the Goposthik brand identity."

Expanding on the design choices, Deb elaborated on how the team derived inspiration from traditional values, not only for the monogram but also for the typography. "We opted for the 'Giulia' font, characterized by its innocent and slightly uneven appearance, to evoke a sense of warmth and familiarity reminiscent of home. This font draws inspiration from the folk art style of 'alpana'," Deb explained. This thoughtful fusion of tradition and contemporary design elements serves to maintain Goposthik's brand identity as genuine and relatable.”

When discussing the hurdles faced during the conceptualisation of Goposthik's brand identity, he elaborated on the complexities involved. "A significant challenge for us was navigating the fine line between honoring our rich traditions and infusing the design with contemporary elements. We aimed to retain the essence of tradition while ensuring the brand remained visually relevant in today's modern landscape. However, with a meticulously defined and structured thought process established right from the beginning, we were able to alleviate a substantial portion of this challenge. The remaining task then relied heavily on our keen aesthetic judgment and ability to seamlessly merge tradition with modernity."

Deb added, "Working on a project as multifaceted as Goposthik was truly unique. The challenge of harmonizing tradition and modernity was an adventure in itself. It led us on a fascinating exploration of traditional Indian art and culture. Witnessing the client's excitement at the initial design options was incredibly rewarding. But the ultimate joy came from seeing our creation come to life – the Goposthik logo proudly displayed atop their first store!"

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