Switzerland Tourism unveils new brand identity

In the new logo, instead of the letter T, a Swiss cross in the “Switzerland '' brand aims to symbolise the origins and radiates the Swiss destination

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Delhi: After almost 30 years of Swiss tourism advertising under the "Goldflower" banner, Switzerland is for the first time adopting a comprehensive  tourism brand world with "Switzerland.”

ST presented this in Geneva and is now taking  the new image out into the world. In 1995, the “Swiss Transport Center SVZ” became today’s national tourism marketing organisation Switzerland Tourism. 

At the same time, the common image of tourism in Switzerland was created under the umbrella of a new logo, the “Gold Flower.” This gold flower became the symbol for Swiss tourism advertising for a generation. The gold flower has  accompanied an entire generation and is now associated with tourism in Switzerland by the Swiss  population and many guests. 

In the new logo, instead of the letter T, a Swiss cross in the “Switzerland '' brand aims to symbolise the origins and  radiates the Swiss destination. But the symbolic cross goes far beyond just a national  flag: it was expanded and given a so-called “colour tone” of five different shades of red, a symbol of  modernity, diversity and independence. 

The complete transition to the new brand world is likely to take a few months. 

Martin  Nydegger, Director ST, said, “The Gold Flower defined an era for a generation of tourism  professionals. The Switzerland brand conveys trust, has a modern design and is forward-looking for  another generation. The new tourism brand is being closely watched throughout Switzerland and will represent  Switzerland far beyond tourism, including internationally.”

The new brand identity was developed together with the Zurich branding agency Made Identity.  When developing “Switzerland,” Made focused on three main areas. On the one hand, the brand  should become more visible and noticeable internationally through a consistent one-brand strategy. In  addition, the brand should have maximum impact digitally, tactilely and spatially. And finally,  “Switzerland” as a brand should be able to accompany guests through the travel experience: from  advertising, to the experience, to the souvenir.