From condoms to dating apps, brands jump on bandwagon of election advertising

As India gears up for the world’s largest democratic election this year with over 1.82 crore young first-time voters, brands are using it as an avenue to educate, advertise, engage and more

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Delhi: The brands endorsing the message for voters to make a careful choice during the ongoing general elections span a spectrum that begins with a condom brand and ends with a dating app!

BestMediaInfo has curated ads by the Election Commission, Manforce, Bail Kohlu, Schwing Setter, Dollar, Air India, Bangur Cement and Tinder. 

Manforce taps the vein of #VotingVirgin

Mankind Pharma has rolled out its new campaign #VotingVirgin that resonates with the spirit of election season. In a lighthearted and witty exchange, two friends engage in a conversation about their first-time experiences. One expresses excitement, having heard stories from others until now. Meanwhile, the other friend lightens the mood with a humorous quip. Later, the friend and his girlfriend head to an election booth to embark on their first voting experience together.

Dollar celebrates #DemocracyKaTyohar

The campaign sheds light on the intricacies of India's general elections, emphasising the collective endeavour required to ensure its smooth functioning. From election commission officials and poll workers to security personnel and cleanliness workers, each plays a crucial role in upholding the integrity of the electoral process. The campaign likens the elections to a grand festival, inviting every citizen to play an active role in its success.

Bangur believes that "'Vote Solid, Desh Solid'"

The campaign, 'Vote Solid, Desh Solid', highlights the importance of each individual's vote in making the nation more solid. Further, the brand encourages citizens to take a pledge to vote, through its “Vote ka Vachan” button on its website. 

Tinder introduces election-based stickers

With the mention of the term "Voting" increasing by nearly 3x on Tinder Bios in India in the last year, Tinder is introducing in-app voting-themed stickers such as 'Voting Partner Needed', 'First-time Voter', and 'I Voted' for users to display on their profiles. These stickers allow users on Tinder to showcase their passion and foster connections with like-minded individuals. 


Bail Kohlu urges citizens to #ChunoSahi

This year, one of the first brands participating in conversations around elections is Bail Kolhu, from the house of BL Agro Group through its #ChunoSahi campaign that urges citizens to exercise their civic duty with discernment. The campaign fosters a dialogue about the importance of making informed decisions, not just in the kitchen but also when it comes to overall societal mindfulness.

Twenty One Productions x Election Commission 

Chennai-based Twenty One Productions, an arm of Twenty One Advertising, has produced thought-provoking videos as a social initiative to promote responsible voting. 

These videos have been endorsed by the Election Commission of India and are widely distributed across various platforms including cinema theatres, public screening channels etc as a part of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Awareness campaign.

Air India Express urges to #VoteAsYouAre

Air India Express unveiled its #VoteAsYouAre initiative and campaign to empower and mobilise the youth of India to exercise their voting rights in the forthcoming 18th Lok Sabha elections. The airline is offering 19% off across its domestic and international network for first-time voters, between the ages of 18 and 22, flying to cast their votes. 

Schwing Stetter India urges employees to vote

The brand has launched an internal awareness campaign as a part of the call to action for their employees to exercise their democratic rights and participate in the electoral process. This initiative not only amplifies Schwing's motto of "100% voting" but also fosters a culture of civic responsibility and engagement among its workforce.

As an expression of appreciation for Schwing’s voters, the company is providing the voting individuals with special goodie bags that contain items promoting sustainability and eco-friendly products. Through this, they are aiming to remind society that it is our collective responsibility to preserve our environment to have a greener future.

Tata AIA urges Gen Z to register to vote with #VoteKarneKoTaiyaar 

The #VoteKarneKoTaiyaar campaign taps into the digital savvy youth, who are avid consumers of online content and active on social media platforms. By integrating the concept of 'taiyaari' (readiness) from Tata AIA's overarching brand theme, "Har Waqt Ke Liye Taiyaar," the campaign extends the narrative of being prepared by registering themselves to cast their important vote. It further encourages them to vote on the day of election and participate in securing their and the future of the nation.

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BluSmart, with #SmartCitizen, offers free rides on polling days to encourage India to vote

On polling dates in Bengaluru - April 26 and in Delhi NCR - May 25, BluSmart will offer discounted rides to its customers, enabling eligible citizens to cast their vote including the youth of India and the first-time voters to exercise their fundamental right to vote conveniently and on time.

BluSmart passengers travelling anywhere within 30 kilometres of polling stations in Bengaluru and Delhi NCR will be provided a one-time 50% discount. This offer can be availed on BluSmart rides to and from the polling station from 6 am to 7 pm on the respective polling days in these cities. 

Rotary GenNext unveils 'Power of your Voice' rap to energise voting youth

At the heart of the campaign is a captivating rap song titled 'Power of your Voice', produced in collaboration with Mad Mic, a rapper from Bangalore. The song serves as a rallying cry for the youth, emphasising the significance of each individual vote in shaping the nation's future. Mad Mic's appeal to the youth adds resonance to the campaign's message, urging young Indians to recognize their collective power in effecting change. The rap song confronts feelings of disillusionment and apathy towards politics, while also empowering listeners to reclaim their agency and make a difference through voting. 

Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils and Election Commission join hands for Voter Participation Drive

A campaign distribution of 20 lakh branded recycled paper bags with QR Codes to VHA App and Voters App across 700 modern retail outlets throughout the state, aims to directly reach out to the people urging them to Vote. The Bags have a QR Code to help Voters identify their name in the voter’s list and identify their booths to cast the vote. This unique initiative aimed to help sensitise and directly reach the urban and semi-urban voters to come forward and cast their vote.

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